Anti-Emo Movements Worldwide

By: Robert Thomson

If you are an emo, you are in great danger. Emo which is generally characterized by confessional and expressive lyrics is currently facing the wrath of people all around the globe. With more and more cases of self mutilation and suicide by teenagers under the influence of emo music and culture, masses in different parts of the country have been demanding serious action against this cult that romanticizes death and alienation.

Emo, undoubtedly has become one of the most controversial subgenres of punk movement. Stereotyped as wearing torn jeans and bright t-shirts with vans and studded belts, emos became more popular around the world for their hairstyles. Their long side-swept bangs that cover their eyes have become a trademark symbol to recognize an emo instantly. They have been criticized for creating phobia of women, as most of the emo songs are sung by males and they clearly blame women for leaving them heartbroken and lonely, which adds to their alienation and suffering. These songs promote feelings of living alone and better-die-than-living attitude, which creates great impact on the minds of teenagers and emo fans.

Russia has come out hard on emos and has proposed legislation to Duma to regulate emo web sites and to ban emo dressing styles in any Russian school or government offices. Russian authorities have also gone ahead and claimed emo as a dangerous trend which promotes social withdrawal and depression to young teens which often leads to suicide and anti-social problems.

The city of Queretaro in Mexico made into global headlines when a mass of crowd attacked emo kids and the situation gradually turned into an anti-emo mass violence. Prior to this tidal wave of anti-emo attacks, Chile reported similar news where a group of people bashed emo kids on the streets. In no time, anti-emo bashings were reported from various parts of Europe like Spain and Sweden, and even the United States of America. I hate emo t-shirts became one of the major instrument to display one's anger and hostility towards emo music and emo culture which fantasizes death. United Kingdom has also come out strong against the emo culture as more and more teenage suicide cases under the influence of emo culture have been reported.

Even internet was used to a large extent to spread anti-emo feelings and hatred. Organizations like Anti-Emo League came up in Miami, which spreads information on how emo culture can affect teenagers and depress them to a great extent and avoiding and banning emo is the only way to stop it.

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