Anti Aging Skin Serum: How Is It Better Than a Cream?

By: Kasper Knight

An anti aging skin serum helps to fight skin aging from the deepest layers. The serums are extremely light in weight and thin in formulation. They contain active and highly concentrated ingredients. The products are laced with nourishing compounds that increase skin elasticity and restore lost moisture of skin cells.

Anti-aging serums are designed to take years off your face. They are different from creams. Serums are meant for serious reparation work within the skin. A serum may possess up to 70 percent compounds in the active state. On the other hand, a cream may possess only 5-10 percent compounds in the active state.

You would love a serum
A serum is able to penetrate deeply into the skin, due to its thin formulation and high concentration of ingredients. Owing to its watery texture, ingredients readily pass through skin pores with 100 percent absorption. The deep penetration leads to complete skin hydration. They leave no trace of the product or create oiliness on the skin surface. This means that people with oily skin can also use serums.

An anti aging skin serum fights against free radicals inside the skin. Free radicals are one of the major reasons for making your skin look older. A serum also protects skin against environmental damage that may facilitate in skin sagging or forming wrinkles. It decreases discoloration and photo-aging spots on the face and makes the skin tone even.

Serums offer adequate hydration to skin. Yet, for extremely dry skin, you may need to use an anti wrinkle facial cream for added moisturization. Make sure the cream contains Argireline, Matrixyl 3000, and Hyaluronic Acid to make it a worthwhile effort towards anti aging.

Serum of youth
Certain top youth serums feature Matrixyl 3000, which is a combination of peptides. They increase collagen production and the level of Hyaluronic Acid in skin. Once collagen level normalizes in the skin, the surface firms up. Wrinkles begin to disappear and the skin’s texture gets smoother. About half the battle is won with the normalization of collagen level.

Nowadays, people prefer anti-aging serums to anti-aging creams. This is because serums show speedier results due to immediate absorption by skin. Serum molecules are so tiny that they can easily pass through pores without blocking them.

Intensive Youth Serum
This is an excellent product from Hydroxatone, one of the leading skin care brands of today. It features a unique mix of ingredients taken from the ocean. The product blends breakthrough science and advanced anti-aging ingredients to create a formula that reverses aging.

It features Hydrosome Complex, which uses three natural encapsulated liposome enzymes. They are meant to combat photo-aging signs. It also contains Matrixyl 3000. Studies have proved that Matrixyl 3000 can visibly reduce the appearance of wrinkles by 44 percent.

This anti aging skin serum is free of parabens and tested for allergies and irritating agents. Dermatologists consider the serum safe, effective, and one of the purest ways to fight aging signs on the face.

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