Annuity Product Guarantees for Recovering Your Lost Retirement Income

By: Joe Mathews

Your prime concern may be to make a steady income after your retirement as a large number of baby boomers have already lost their retirement funds due to the global economic recession.

Retirement income guide recommends different methods to offset recession and help you in recovering your lost retirement income in an assured manner. It includes useful options like guaranteed pension annuity or do product guarantees that have proved their value through the years in helping baby boomers to avoid saving for retirement and lead a stress free life after retirement.

A large variety of annuity product guarantees is now available on the market to help you in recovering your lost retirement income. They are immensely popular with retirees especially for their potential to generate a guaranteed income over a lifetime or until the death of contract holder.

In US, annuity contracts are defined by the IRC (Internal Revenue Code) and controlled by the states individually. You will be able to take advantage of fixed rate or variable annuity product guarantees no matter where are you staying in. Both investment products and life insurance coverage will be provided with variable annuities. It is mainly through the life insurance agencies in US, annuity insurance will be issued to you but annuity contracts can also be privately arranged for reducing tax especially when you want to donate it to any non-profit organization. However, the annuity contract options and federal tax practice will vary from one state to another. You can count on variable annuities for recovering your lost retirement income as they are controlled by the US federal agency, the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) and their sale is supervised by the FINRA (Financial Industrial Regulatory Authority. As a potential investor, you can expect these agencies to protect your interest all the time.

You will have to go through two phases for securing income through an annuity. The first phase is deferral phase in which you will have to make deposits and build up your account, and the second one is income or annuity phase in which you start to receive payments for a specified time period. During the income phase, the insurance agency makes sure you receive payments for a definite period of time as written in the contract, such as five or ten years, or over your lifetime. In addition to income guarantee in annuity over a lifetime you will also have a guaranteed death benefit for a fixed period of time, like five years or ten years. There is always an income phase in annuity contracts having a deferral phase. So your scope for recovering your lost retirement income is high in these deferred annuities. You can also opt for an immediate annuity contract which is rather a structured one with only one phase, i.e. income phase.

If you are presently seeking for effective retirement solutions to avoid saving for retirement days, check out possibilities in annuity product guarantees. Besides, you can consider the option of using an individual guarantee outside of an income that can be easily bolted on to retirement income products including non-qualifying retirement plans. With it you can not only turn on or off the “bolt on benefit” feature but also avoid the surrender charge.

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Joe Mathews has been working as a financial consultant and maintaining a retirement income guide for the last two years. He knows about the methods that can be helpful in recovering your lost retirement income.

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