Angry Birds For Chrome

By: Mel Joelle

As Chrome fans did not already have enough reasons to keep the browser open, Angry Birds is presently available as an app in the Chrome Web Store. This game presently has more than a million users in Chrome and more than thirty thousand ratings which make it the most popular Chrome app. For those non-gamers who have no idea what Angry Birds is, it is an insanely addictive game that debuted in the Apple app store and gained a massive following in a relatively short amount of time. The game’s appeal is in its simplicity, there is no learning curve, no hand-eye coordination that must be acquired. This makes it perfect for a browser app as Chrome’s following is encompasses many people who are not normally gamers. It is the perfect time-killer for casual gamers. Not only is the game popular enough to have made its maker very wealthy (on the way to being a billionaire by most accounts) it has made the leap from the Apple platform to Android, and now to Chrome. The makers have no plans to limit their franchise to computers. There is talk of an Angry Birds movie and TV series on the way.

Chrome-only features

For those who are addicted enough to the game to need to play it in their browser along with their phone and as standalone software on their hard drive, the Chrome Angry Birds app comes with a number of Chrome-only innovations. The features that are only available on Chrome app include the second level, which is different from the second levels on the other platforms. On some of the levels there is a floating Chrome logo that will give points if a player is able to hit it. Because the app is stored locally on the player’s computer, it is not only possible to play it without an Internet connection, it is also possible to hack the levels. There are cheats available online that allow players to jump to whichever level they want simply by entering a line of code in their address bar while the app is running.

The quality of Angry Birds in Chrome

The quality of the graphics in the Chrome browser app is fairly good. There is a choice between a standard view and an HD view. The very first thing that players will notice, however, is how big the game looks after having played it on their phones for so long. Angry Birds for Chrome also plays at 60 frames per second which looks better than many may expect. It is also possible to use other Chrome apps and complete other tasks in browser windows while playing Angry Birds without any slowing or freezing up. Browser freezes and crashes do occasionally happen with other apps. The biggest drawback die hard fans are likely to find with the Chrome version is the fact that it is presently impossible to transfer scores from games on one platform to another.

The next move for Rovio, the makers of Angry Birds, will be a cookbook based on the franchise.

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