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By: Mel Joelle

Android has not only ventured into the smartphone market but also other mobile devices such as the computer tablets. Computer tablets are computers that are smaller than PC’s or even laptops. They are mostly touch screen and have different hardware compared to larger computers but they perform just the same way computers do. The market for computer tablet has been increasing quite recently and many mobile phone manufacturers have ventured into the same industry as well. All computer tablets use an operating system just like android operating system. The computer tablet market is a very competitive market and only the most innovative player gets to be the leading one with sales.

Market share for the tablet market is shared by several companies in the industry namely; android, Apple and RIM by Blackberry. Android is used by several companies for the tablet computers namely; Samsung, Hauwei and others. A recent study by an organization in the industry known as IDC showed that still the competition was against android OS. The second quarter of the year signified a downfall for the market share of android tablets from 34% to 26.8%. This was witnessed in the number of shipments for the android tablets bought during that time compared to the competition. This is information that is shared by other industry watchers.

A new entry by RIM saw BlackBerry grab a share of about 4.9% with its PlayBook computer tablet in this year. This of course had something to do with the decline in market share for the android tablets. This is because when the new player enters the market that means that the market gets shared even further by more players compared to only there being two players initially. During this year’s second quarter, android tablets had a share percentage of 30 compared to just 2% the previous year. More and more devices are being developed with newer versions of the OS being developed to give the competitors a run for their money and market share. That was when android was just entering the market becoming the second player at that time competing for the millions of people who are increasingly using computer tablets for their compatibility and mobile size. The tablets are able to function in many ways for the user and with the number of android applications being developed every now and then, it is only expected that the competition will only get stiffer.

Many analysts concur that for the rest of the year, the market leader Apple is going to be still leading with a margin of more than 40%. However, android tablets are also expected to raise their market share by the last quarter of the year with new devices being released to attract more customers to their staple. Apple enjoys being the first player to enter the market of computer tablets hence its significant growth in sales and shipments of their devices. Android’s tablet market has been growing significantly and only expected to grow better and faster as it has been in the smartphone market.

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