Android Set To Revolutionize Tablet PC

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The new technology set to revolutionize the world is Android Tablet pc. Have you heard of it? Of course! Wasn’t it the other day that your son wanted an Android Tablet for his birthday? Now you are wondering what it is? Well it is a personal computer which is even smaller than the laptop but larger than the mobile phone. It is therefore a much more advanced evolution of the desktop.

Some of the important features of this Android Tablet are :-

• Sizes range between 5 inches to 10 inches an weigh less than 1 gm

• Has a highly effective touch screen, thus making keyboards and mouse obsolete

• Processors have a clock speed of 600MHz to 800MHz.

• Usually comes with 256mb of RAM supporting extended memory upto 32 GB via SD

• All are Wi-Fi ready and run on lithium ion battery

• Supports all video and audio formats which are popular and common

• Can download and run more than 70000 applications

The one point which is not mentioned above is that Android Tablet pc runs on an operating system by the name of Android. The advantage of Android operating system is that since a large community of developers is deployed with the task of writing this application software, it increases the usefulness of the devices running on this operating system. Or in other words the Android Operating System can support approximately 70,000 applications ranking it 2nd in the list of the most popular mobile development environment. This quality, in itself, is enough to give Android Tablet a big advantage over the other tablet pcs.

One of the biggest assets of Android Tablet pc is its versatility with regards to the internet. Web browsing using the new Android Tablet pc is a treat. It is absolutely hassle free irrespective of what you want to do. Whether you want to download YouTube videos or to play video games, this tablet pc makes it easy for you to do almost everything. MP3 players are on the way to becoming obsolete.

• 3D Games

• GPS or global positioning system

• A very good quality touch screen

• High Definition video

• Wi-Fi capable with an integrated Bluetooth

U name it, the Android Tablet pc has it !

The Bluetooth along with an USB 2.0 port allows you to attach devices like a keyboard or a 3G modem to your Android Tablet pc. This 3G modem allows you to access the internet and continue to browse the web even outside the Wi-Fi coverage area. So if you love to play games on the computer or love listening to music while working on your laptop, Android Tablet pc is the gadget for you.

Keeping you updated on the latest information and news from around the world, this Android Tablet pc also keeps helps to keep you connected with your family and friends through the Face book, Twitter or any other social network.

This smart looking Android Tablet pc is the new obsession of the gadget freaks, young and old, and owning one of these smart and mini personal computers is considered to be super cool. So go for it now so that you have no cause for regret later!

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