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By: Mel Joelle

Ever since android made its debut in the smartphone industry and tablet industry, it was only a matter of time before it became the leading player. Back in March 2011, android commanded a huge percentage of 29% of the market share of smartphones in the US. Although this is not quite as much as being the majority, it was way ahead of its competitors in the market. The previous leader BlackBerry toppled to 27% and Apple remained at 27% still during that time. The rise of the market share for android has been similar worldwide and it has been gaining growth continuously.

A month later it was witnessed that android was steadily gaining so much growth and being not only the dominant player in the market but almost reaching the 50% market share mark. Analysts forecasted that in all the more than 400 million smart phones going to be shipped by the end of the year, android will own a significant 49% of the market share easily with other players following behind it; iOS with around 18% and RIM by BlackBerry 12%. There are other players in the smartphone industry but the mentioned ones are the strongest ones with Microsoft Windows and Symbian by Nokia lagging behind.

For ever smart phone bought by consumers two were running on android OS for the best part of this year. This trend was witnessed in many parts of the global market. That fact that android is an open source operating system with many developers creating apps for the android devices has catapulted the sales of the android devices. Anyone who is knowledgeable on how to create application software for the android devices can easily do that which is another factor that has increased the market share of the devices. The recent study shows that android market share is almost taking the 50% share lead.

The research shows that out of all smart phones shipped in the second quarter of the year; almost 52 million of them were android devices which accounted for 49% of all smart phones sold that time. one major factor that makes android the most promising software in the smartphone market is the fact that it is able to run on multiple vendor devices compared to the second leading market player iOS from Apple. The growth of android in the market has exceeded expectations by far for many other industry watchers. It is expected that although still iOS is the leading player in the smartphone and mobile device market, with time and a short time for that matter, android is going to catch up and become the leading market player that is if things continue as they have been witnessed in the last two years.

Many people have now turned to smart phones and devices for their communication and other functions at home and in the office or school. All market players have to keep getting innovative to give the consumer what they really want in their smart phones and devices.

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