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By: Mel Joelle

There are a lot of applications from the Android Market Apps that have gotten a lot of users hooked. These apps can be very addictive especially those downloadable puzzle games. The Android operating

System has come up with a lot of downloadable software which you can use on your device. You can try different apps that would cater to your immediate needs.

For instance, if you want to play some trivia game or simply kill the time, you can download the Sporcle Trivia game on your Android operated device. This will have you test your stored knowledge and unravel some cool new information. If you love craft and craft-making, you can start sending your friends personalized greetings from the Animated Greetings application. The greetings you personally designed can now be sent out to your friends and loved ones using your Android operated device.

If you love travelling, you can find the Skyscanner Android app to be very helpful. This will help you find the cheapest flights available going to the destination of your choice. If you are new to a place and need to call someone but do not have a phone number at hand, you can make use of the Localicious Android app which enables you to access the White Pages. You do not have to worry about making phone calls without a local directory since you will find telephone listings available through thisapplication.

For individuals who love online shopping, the Zaarly Android App is the best to download. This application allows online shoppers to locate the nearest shops in every area. You will be able to find cheap buys using this application without going to every location personally. The Android operating system has given a more comprehensive approach to different software that can be of great help to Android users. Not only that, these apps from the Android Market are not as expensive to purchase and a lot of them even come for free.

For users who want to make use of the dictionary, the Meriam-Webster Dictionary can be downloaded. This may also come in handy since you do not have to bring an entire dictionary. The real advantage of having this is that two of the most accurate dictionaries are compressed into one application. You can have a wider source of reference which you can open anytime using your Android operated device. There is also another way to make bank transactions run smoothly. You can download the latest online banking app from the Android Market. The Capital One Mobile Banking application allows you to transact banking business online which includes money transfer and a lot more.

If you are out and searching for a Wi-Fi Hotspot, you can make use of the Open Wi-Fi Scanner application from the Android Apps Market. This will allow you to locate open Wi-Fi hotspots which you can easily access. You do not have to repeatedly refresh your device for an open hotspot available since this application will make the search and provide you with the complete list of available Wi-Fi within the area.

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