Android Gingerbread

By: Mel Joelle

Every mobile device uses an operating system to run it. Smartphones and mobile devices such as tablet computers use operating systems that are a little different from the basic mobile handsets. Android is a smartphone operating system developed by Open Handset Alliance with Google Inc. this is one of the most popular operating systems out there with so many application developers and apps for the users. The popularity of android is because of its compatible ability to run on many devices compared to other operating systems. The availability of so many applications is also another reason many users prefer android ran devices.

The operating system is consisted of kernel that is based on Linux kernel. Its middleware, libraries and application programming interfaces are written in C programming language. Android OS is able to run on Java programming language code by use of Dalvik virtual machine with just-in-time compilation. The company that used to develop android operating system named Android Inc was acquired by Google Inc in the year 2005 and that is when many changes and developments started to be made to the OS. Later on a consortium of companies formed the Open Handset Alliance which aimed at creating and developing open standards for mobile devices. The companies that formed the consortium are all telecommunication and electronic companies.

Android has been releasing number of updates of its operating software with each release having more features than the previous one and including fixing bugs. There are alphabetical names after a desert for each version released. Some of the recent ones include 2.0 Éclair which had a new browser compared to its predecessor and supports HTML5. Other versions that followed are 2.1 Éclair, 2.2 Froyo then comes the Android Gingerbread 2.3 version. This particular version of android OS features all advancements of the previous versions that is increased speeds with JIT optimization and Chrome V8 JavaScript engine. There is also Adobe Flash support but with a refined user interface than all previous ones. Android Gingerbread has improved the soft keys that allow copy and pasting of input. It has the ability to support voice calls over the internet using VoIP by having SIP support.

This OS is available for mobile devices such as smart phones and computer tablets. Most of the devices that already have the recent versions of the android operating system have the ability to update to the newer ones like the android gingerbread. This is as long as the device has the necessary features and hardware to support the new version with its improvements. This particular version of android OS is the newest version for smartphones under development. Although other versions, it is without doubt one of the anticipated versions released.

Every aspect of the version is improved straight from the interface to the way applications get installed in the device. The way previously applications would be viewed or operated in the previous versions has changed; most of the video applications like YouTube are going to be viewed full screen and other new improvements too.

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