Android Developers can now try their fortune in Window phone development

By: Anand Kumar

Android developers around the world are flooded with more than handful projects at their disposal and with such high demanding market value it is obvious that the developers look out for a new technology. However, with the window phone updates released by the desktop software giant Microsoft has created a ripple in the Mobile industry. We would have updated ourselves with striking figures of the apps (about 100000) developed for Window Phone.

Though many developers might oppose to this thought the bridge between Window phone and Android surfaces when thought in deeper sense. As we are aware that Android is based on Java and window phone is based on C#. Coming to the base of both the languages Object Oriented programming thinking is integral to both. Hence, the object oriented programming concepts are unaltered in both platforms.

The platform environment of Window Phone and Android is different but the good news is that both the IDEs are freely available and are of high quality. If the Android’s IDE is Eclipse, Window phone or any other Microsoft products run on Visual Studio. Similar to the Android Development Tools, the tools of the Visual Studio too is free of charge.

Let us look at those aspects that are similar in both Window Phone and Android development environments:

Runtime Environment:

The Android developers are well acquainted with Java concepts. Thus, if any android professional is new to WP then here is the main point. The .NET framework is similar to the JRE or the Java Runtime Environment. The .Net Framework consists of a CLR or the Common Language Runtime is similar to the JVM or Java Virtual Machine.

File Format:

The Android-ians use the Java Archive file format that enables the bundling of the multiple files in to a single archive file. The complied file extension in the window phone development is referred as the .XAP file for applications and likewise for the game development it is .XNA


The ‘import’ keyword in android development is the ‘using’ in .NET

The inheritance concept stand good with both the mobile platforms but the ‘child class extends parent class’ becomes colon (:) child class.

Example: In Android- public class child extends parent{}

In Window Phone- public partial class child: parent{}

Thus with some notable changes between the two mobile platforms, the developers do not have to put in more labor in understanding the development environment of Window Phone 7. The mobile industry experts forecast that Window phone too has the spark to trigger the mobile industry into a storm as this WP environment would create some robust apps that could be competitive to the mainstream apps developed on the Android or iPhone. Presently the apps created for the Window phones are quiet a success owing to the number of downloads recorded per day from the WP market place. The number of developers from the iPhone too who trust their conceptual ideas on the object oriented programming too might be benefitted to be a part of the window phone development. Any iPhone developers keen on developing apps for the Window phones? Let the world know your opinion!

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