Anatomy and Physiology of Bronchial Asthma

By: Lindelwa Maseko

If you have ever had symptoms that induced your air passages to become inflamed and tight, making it tough for you to breathe, then you may suffer a form of bronchial asthma. Most individuals who have from bronchial asthma find that they are constantly coughing, wheezing, and coughing up mucus. There are a number of asthma control methods to help with the condition as well as asthma inhalators. People who have frequent asthma attacks feel scared as well as pain and anger at the situation.
Most asthma sufferers are treated with asthma inhalators, which are devices designed to deliver tiny doses of medications into the airways directly, thereby keeping the systemic side-effects of the medications to the minimum possible. Ventolin is probably the famous of these inhalators worldwide but there are many different types available.
Bronchial asthma and asthma are close relatives and many of the symptoms are alike although when a bronchial asthma attack occurs, it does not necessarily mean they are having an asthma attack. There are sets off which set of a bronchial asthma attack just as in asthma, and these can include pet dandruff, house dust and mildew etc. Once you recognize what type of thing sparks off your asthma attack then you can take steps to deflect them and situations where you might come across them. small amounts of stress can set a an individual off who has bronchial asthma as well as when they try any form of exercise. It is not uncommon for someone to start experiencing symptoms from a walk or light workout so if you get these types of symptoms you may have to to carry an asthma inhaler if you plan to do any form of physical exercise.
Food can be another problem area, so if you find that particular foodstuffs, normally dairy products are triggering your bronchial asthma then you must avoid them and seek alternatives. Even food direct from the refrigerator can be the cause of symptoms to appear and also foods like bananas, ice creams and cold milk. Always, but particularly when you are exercising or running, carry an asthma inhalator with you so you will be prepared should an attack come about.
With all the things you can do to better your bronchial asthma condition, you shouldn't have to live in dread of it because it can be beaten but this involves patience and discipline on your part to follow simple but good guidelines. It is not uncommon for your body to adjust over time and you may see a significant positive change in your bronchial asthma condition. If you ensure you carry established medication with you wherever you go, you will feel more confident and be less likely to get an attack if you have an asthma inhaler or pills in your pocket or bag.

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