An interest recipe for German Chocolate Cake

By: zsidhurenuz

A few years ago I made a cake for the first time in my life. I was already an expert bread maker, but I had never baked a cake. The idea came to me on Christmas Eve, early that day for the help My wife and I were cooking for six people that night. I had an interesting recipe for German Chocolate Cake. The recipe looked easy.

Iím American and my wife is Mexican. We were living in a very large Mexican city with Wal-Mart Super Centers and Samís Clubs, but the local market was much closer, so that is where we went to shop for our Christmas Eve celebration.

The first time I make a recipe I usually follow the directions to the letter. Only after making it a few times do I get more creative. The next time Iíll get even more creative. As my luck would have it, the local store did not have the two main ingredients I needed. I could have wasted a hour or so driving to the chain stores to get the ingredients, but I decided against it. I just chose two different kinds of chocolate.

Some of my friends stopped by to say hi, right after I put the cake in the oven. Because I was busy talking, I left the cake in a little to long. We were at very high altitude, surrounded by snow-capped volcanoes in the city of Puebla, Mexico. Since the oven was 15 years old the oven was never as hot as the thermostat indicated. Due to the combination of these factors, the cake needed to stay in the oven longer than the recipe recommended.

The milk chocolate I used was too runny. The icing would not stay on the cake. It tasted great, but it slid off the sides of the cake faster than I could spread it on again. Of course it was one of those nights were I was running way behind schedule. In any second, I was expecting to hear the door bell ring. I didnít know what to do, so I just shoved the cake in the freezer and hoped for the best.

When I took the cake out of the freezer, it was perfect. I could not have planned a better tasting cake for the help My wife and her family will always remember that very special Christmas Eve. I always get request to make that cake again. It would be tough to pull it off again. It is hard to top perfection, so why even try.

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