An RSS Generator that Makes Your Life Easy

By: Michael Serpik

If you want to keep your target audience informed about the latest information from your web site or blog, then an RSS feed is a great idea. Your subscribers will get the information quickly and conveniently. Plus, you'll have better odds at getting increased traffic to your content. After all, once people realize something new is available they will be likely to drop by your site, check out your blog, or visit your other online content. Despite these benefits, without an easy-to-use RSS generator many people don't have the experience necessary to create their own feeds.

Creating Your Feeds

For most web site owners, the XML language required to create an RSS feed is something else that must be learned. And most people just don't have the time to invest in learning something completely new, particularly a complicated programming language. Nor do you want to pay someone to set this up for you. That costs more money.

A better option is to find an effective RSS generator that will put together the feed for you, but many of the programs on the market require you to known some amount of XML in order to get started. That puts the average web site owner at a disadvantage still.

The good news is at least one RSS generator is available that can make the process much easier.

A Smart Solution

Absolute RSS Editor ( is an easy-to-use RSS generator that can be used by anyone with any computer experience level to create these valuable feeds, as well as podcasts for iTunes. The software is easy to use because it incorporates an intuitive wizard. Users can use the wizard to select the latest news they want to send out via the feed then hit a few buttons to make other choices, including formatting decisions. The generator takes care of everything else, and you never had to do a single thing with XML language. That's one of the things that makes this generator so powerful.

Another impressive feature of Absolute RSS Editor is that it validates the feed against the standards of the RSS Advisory Board. But because the Advisory Board is not static, the program also keeps track of the updates and incorporates them into the software so that your feeds are always in keeping with their requirements.

There are a wide range of other useful features available, too. For example, the software will save the settings so once you have entered them for one of your sites, you won't have to repeat the process a second time. That will save you lots of time and will prevent mistakes from being made down the road.

The software, which works on operating systems from Windows 2000 and newer, also uses FTP to upload feeds to your site and lets you use the built-in HTML editor if you want to alter the description of the feed before publishing it.

The bottom line is that Absolute RSS Editor ( is easy-to-use and versatile enough to meet the needs of any web site manager.

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