An Overview On Nylon Body Stockings

By: Robert Ratcliff

Nylon stockings came into the market in the year 1938 thanks to DuPont Corporation. The inventor of the stockings was Dr.Wallace Hume Carothers. His work made it possible to make nylon a commercial fiber. It was designed for the sole purpose of competing with silk after many years of research.
In the begging, they were called nylons. They were not like pantyhose which many women don in these days. These nylons were only covering about two thirds of the leg up the mid thigh. Using garters and belts then fastened them. Two forms were available in those days. They included the full-fashioned form, which had seams in the rear side, and there were those without seams. One-piece sheer pantyhose were never in the market till 1960's.
The stockings come in various colors and they vary in the amount of transparency. The women of modern days all wear them for different reasons. Some say they look good in stocking since they allow them to wear short clothes without exposing their naked thighs. Stocking have also been found to make access to the genital area easy and fast, therefore making better the thought of spontaneous sex.
Another reason is that it makes people think of you in an erotic way. Stockings are also good for your health because they do allow for more air to circulate therefore there is less sweating. This will reduce bacterial and fungal infections that women suffer from time to time. Some women find it more convenient to go to the bathroom when they are wearing stockings
Three ways exists by which nylon stockings can be supported. The most used method is that of a wearing a garter belt. This can thought of lingerie that reassembles a belt and it uses suspenders for preventing the stocking from slipping off. The other second way of holding the stocking in place is by addition of a band on the inner side of the stockings. This band has to be elastic enough and not too tight but comfortable for sensitive female skin. The last method of supporting the stocking is by use of a circular elastic garter, which is put on or over the top part of the stoking. This is common among brides who lie clamping the stoking over the legs.
Stockings may be made with different styles and all you may need to do is to get the right color and size, which will compliment your skin complexion and let you enjoy deferent looks that come with it.

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