An Explanation Of What Is Zi Wei Dou Shu

By: Henry KH Fong

Chinese Astrology goes by the name of Zi Wei Dou Shu, and many astrologers in China use this method. It may not have the popularity of Ba Zi, but what it does have is a way of showing insight to a persons characteristics as well as their true potential and luck they will have in life, so that they can use it to make an informed choice of their next step. This article should answer questions reguarding what is Zi Wei.

These people using Ba Zi use the birth date and time of a person and then split it in to four separate pillars, each of the four pillars then have a branch known as an earthly branch and have a heavenly stem also. This is what enables the reader to see the characteristics of the person, and also helping them to see what can be achieved at their full potential. Zi Wei Dou Shu is different because the reading begins in reference to the Chinese lunar age as well as the birth date and time, only this information is then expressed in a model, this model is made from palaces and also the stems and branches contained in them, not to leave out over 100 stars.

The 12 palaces are set out in a 4x4 matrix, each of the palaces representing something different about the persons past present and future, they include information of people they are close to such as friends and family as well as other information like the amount of wealth the person has and may have in the future. This will enable the person to see what they could achieve within their capabilities and helps to guide them into what to do next with their lives to be where they want to be. The stem and branch within the palaces shows the reader who will pass the information on to the person they are reading for things that may occur in the persons future. The palaces also each have a number of stars within them, as I mentioned earlier, the number of stars within them can be from 18 and can be as many as 114. The number of stars depends on the school practice.

Two schools of practice exist and they are called Ze Wei Dou Shu, and the other school is named the four changes.

Although they may at first glance seem the same the main difference between the two is that the three harmony school has a lot more importance when it comes to the stars that reside in each palace as well as the combination they have in relation to the other stars in different palaces. The school of the four forces emphasis more on the forces of which there are 4 that are within each palace. The four force school interferes less with stars of lesser value. Within this school the stars used are usually between 18 and 30.

Each system has both strengths as well as weaknesses, but to knowledgeable experienced astrologer a lot of things about a person are able to be revealed. Not only will they be able to tell about the personality of the person, they will also be able to tell other things such as people close to them, how much they will travel and the mental health also as well as many other possible traits for the future.

They can also tell what kind of luck the person they are reading for will have in any given decade as well as the year which will narrow it down.

In order to do such a reading it will take a lot of years to learn, so that you can accurately read all in order to guide someone in the right direction. Even people who have been taught by someone with years of good experience will still take many years to understand this art completely.

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