Americans Dash to Catch Up in Global Wind Training

By: Rose Eric

Americans Dash to Catch Up in Global Wind Training

As Americans begin to show an interest in wind training, there are already parts of the world that have been successful in this area and are moving ahead of the United States with lightning speed. A Norwegian oil and gas company already has plans to build a full-scale floating wind turbine off of the coast of Norway in a few months. Talk about initiative! The United States still leads the globe as the world’s leading wind power generator but just by a smidgen. Germany, China and India are closing the gap with increased towers being constructed as more people become aware of the choices in energy outside of fossil fuels.

Wind training in America is now on the move, being somewhat stalled because of the recession but many plans are set for 2010. Although the world climate is economically troubled, the government in many countries push forward with mandates and subsidies designed to promote energy independence. Is the US going to be able to keep up the pace internationally in technology and education? The government and independent agencies already have programs in place for wind training and education and right now is an excellent time to step into the arena. Employees are needed to perform climate and wind tests, design and build turbines and survey areas for building sites.

The wind energy sector provided over 85,000 direct jobs in 2008 and this number is expected to double, if not triple, within the next five years. So where do you start? Networking is a great way to get involved in the industry and learn what is needed and where to go for training and educational programs. Training facilities and government money for scholarships are opening up but you have to be on top of the game to become part of this exploding industry. Begin signing up on websites, reading about training and wind energy. You will be amazed at how this small section of energy has gotten so huge behind our backs.

International wind development is another option for the very serious minded in wind power. Many of the big oil companies are now spreading their wings and flying into all types of alternative fuel options and looking for the best environments, both political and economical, to develop these interests. A new study has just confirmed that the feasibility of windmill farms in Mexico is worth researching. This could be a very new and exciting phase in wind power. An international flavor in wind training could open even more doors in this fascinating industry.

Visit a few websites on major oil companies to see what they have brewing on alternative energy and chances are you will find a few involved in international wind opportunities.Also research large companies worldwide for the latest in wind energy development. It could lead to a very large change in your life.

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