Amazingly Good Suggestion For Twilight Party Favors

By: Aaron Hu

The Twilight craze has swept America like a second coming of the Harry Potter series. Now with the upcoming event of the movie adaptation of New Moon, the excitement continues. The story of Bella and her vampire lover continues as Edward is frightened by an incident on Bella's birthday. This convinces him that his nature is putting her in grave danger so he leaves her purposely breaking her heart in the process so that she won't come after him. We follow Bella as she struggles with the loss and tries to start over with a close childhood friend, Jacob Black, only to find out that he harbors a secret of his own that will only draw her further into the world Edward tried to protect her from.
With New Moon coming out in theatres this November there will definitely be themed parties throughout the fall, whether they are birthday parties, Halloween events, or Movie premiere parties. Don't be the person that is left out. Here are some ideas to help you get your own Twilight or New Moon themed party planned.
Use the werewolves versus vampires theme. In this movie, we see the rumblings of a conflict between the werewolves of Jacob's tribe and the vampires of the Cullen family. It sounds like Underworld, use the vampire and werewolf motif as design cue for your decorations. You can use conventional Halloween decorations that have these images to start with. Then to add some real panache use images of werewolves and vampires from TV and film. This will give your guests some interesting things to look at when they come to your party. Of course, you have to make use of Twilight themed part supplies to help with decorations.
Another great idea is to use themed dinnerware. Get everyone in on the excitement with themed cups, plates, and napkins with pictures of the stars from twilight and new moon. This is really a great idea also as favors. So instead of using paper cups use plastic. The point is that anything can be used as favors and souvenirs of the party. So keep this in mind when choosing you dinnerware and napkins.
This would probably seem obvious to you, but use as some of your party music songs from the Twilight movie soundtrack. You can also mix in music from other popular vampire shows like Moonlight. Moonlight is a great example. Even though this show got cancelled, it had a very popular and eclectic soundtrack. Of course you can also see how many guests are hardcore fans of the genre by seeing if they recognize the songs and what show they come from.
Another great suggestion is themed foods. The obvious would be red drinks such as cranberry juice, fruit punch, or cherry juice. You can also make unique drink recipes with Cool-Aid and other ingredients. Look up recipes online for more ideas. Also think of using foods that can be shaped to look like bats, werewolves, and other motifs from the books. Great suggestions are cookies, gingerbread, and even cake. Of course too please everyone also include popular party favorites like chip and ranch dip.
In the end, use your imagination and your own personal taste to come up with a party that is all your own. These suggestions are just a starting point to give you a direction to start looking in for inspiration.

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