Amazing Milestones in the Artificial Diamond Technology

By: Dr Phillips

From the dawn of time, mankind has been fascinated by precious stones and gems. The most precious of all gems far surpassing the beauty, elegance, hardness and timelessness is the diamond. Natural diamonds have been created by geological pressure from the bowels of the earth 1 billion to 3 billion years ago. The diamond's basic component is the carbon dioxide buried 100 miles deep into the earth, heated to more than 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, under gravitational pressure of 725,000 pounds concentrated in one square inch and quickly elevated cooled to the Earth's surface. This whole process takes 1-3 billion years in the making. As such the diamond is most revered and treasured above all gems. It is a symbol of passion and love at its highest as it bespeaks of the timelessness and beauty of creation.
Do you know that the chemical composition of the diamond is carbon dioxide? We usually associate carbon dioxide with pollution and soot. But the sparkling diamond is made up entirely of carbon dioxide. For billions of years, carbon dioxide was subjected by Earth to intense pressure (about 725,000 pounds per square inch) and intense heat (about 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit). Then after billions of years, carbon dioxide quickly emerge to the surface of the Earth via geological processes for quick cooling, before it can undergo a metamorphosis of sorts making it into a beautiful and perfect diamond. Having known this, we can no longer deny that the diamond is really a symbol of perfection, elegance and beauty.
The Homo sapiens sapiens is also a product of billions of years of biological evolution. In an amazing twist of fate, the human being became co-creator-a species who can literally transform the world through his intelligence and labour. This newcomer in biological evolution has now become the master of the earth. He has developed his intelligence to such a high pitch that the human can now simulate the action of creation and can now create artificial diamonds in just a matter of days. But the process did not come through overnight. It took decades of painstaking scientific research and experimentation before we can come up with an almost perfect replica of natural diamonds.
High Pressure High Temperature technology. (HPHT). This technology was the one that created the first artificial diamonds. Simulating the action of the earth on carbon dioxide, man has found a way to apply intense pressure on a chunk of carbon dioxide in conjunction with high electrical currents. This technology circumvented billions of years of geological pressure, intense heat and time, until carbon dioxide begins to sparkle and display the characteristics of the original diamond. However this process was not able to create a perfect replica of natural diamonds. There are some impurities in the commercial diamonds that are easy to distinguish from real and natural diamonds.
Chemical Vapour Deposition. Human inventiveness and the struggle for perfection did not stop from developing ever new processes of artificial diamond creation. The Chemical Vapour Deposition is one wherein a tiny diamond is bombarded with carbons in a complicated process where microwave beams created perfect sheets in the surface of the original diamond making it grow. This kind of technology far surpasses High Pressure High Temperature technology in that it is able to create almost perfect replicas of natural diamonds.
Gemstone Composite Technology. This technology is one that is really mind blowing. Scientists have discovered that there is a molecular attraction between the diamond and the sapphire crystals. In a special High-Temperature High-Pressure fusion technology wherein a complex process called FCVA-Ion Jet Beam-Diamond Seeding, a new hybrid diamond is created. This hybrid diamond is called the New Star Hybrid diamond which is harder than moissante. This is now the closest replica of natural diamonds that technology has so far reached. The New Star Hybrid diamond displays all the characteristics of real diamonds in terms of optimal beauty, physical hardness, and molecular organization.
Mind boggling BreakthroughsThis stage is wherein gems are made into composite creations creating hybrid diamonds that are of the best quality. A special kind of technology using molecular bonding techniques and the "FCVA-Ion Jet Beam-Diamond Seeding" fuses gems until the best combination is finally reached. Now the best man-made diamond ever created by modern technology is the New Star Hybrid diamonds. This is by far the hardest and the most beautiful gem ever created by man and closest in beauty to natural diamonds.
Truly, man has proven himself as master of creation.

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