Amazing Ideas For A Hen Night

By: Rebecca Hughes

Hen Night is an interesting event that refers to a party night for a lady who is going to get married. So this is the time of celebration. The term Hen Night is most commonly used in United Kingdom and Australia. You can also call it a bachelorette party. This party is given in the honour of the bride to be. You can also relate it with a farewell party that is given to say good bye to bachelorette life.
This party is mainly hosted by anyone. Friends can also host the party if they wish to. Its members are all those people who are invited to the wedding ceremony. People who are not invited there do not normally attend the Hen Party. It is most commonly seen that almost all guests are females.
Bridesmaids are given special significance and attention in this social gathering. Bride-to-be does not commonly host this social gathering but acts as a participant who can take an active part in the whole planning of the event. One more vital fact is the monetary management of the event. Normally all the participants take the honour to share all the expenses equally. Bride to be can or can not be the one to pay her share.
Hen's festivity is normally organised a week before the actual nuptials day and is frequently held evening time. Delicious dinner is served and participants engross themselves into various multi-coloured activities to enjoy the evening to its fullest. For this purpose a lot of entertaining activities are selected to please the bride-to-be. A lot of ideas are generated to make this event more multi-coloured and flourishing. Few of them are as under:
First of all it should always be kept in mind that the hen festivity is meant to have lots of amusement. So there should not be any intimation of embarrassment to any person attending that festivity.
A theme should be selected before time and the whole party should be moving around it. An interesting theme can be police. Tell everybody to wear lady police like clothes with some colourful alterations i.e. pink can be added in the dress. Different costumes can be selected according to the theme of the party.
Instead of arranging festivity in a hall, it can be arranged in brides'-to-be home so that individuals can have more amusement without any restriction or problem.
Drinking has become a significant part of hen festivity but in addition to that a lot of games should also be included to make the event more cheerful. Bride's-to-be word can be the final word and judgemental as the game's results. This way she will feel more significant and superior.
Prizes must be selected before hand for the winners of the games. It is always better to select charms or cosmetics because of lady oriented social gathering.
People who want to do something unique can have a day time picnic instead of having dinner at some public or private venue. Open and fresh air will definitely enhance the charm of Hen Party

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