Always Tired - the Problem with Fatigue

By: James Monahan

Tired? Weary? Dragging your feet to work? Feeling lazy all the time, and constantly looking for the coffee machine? That, my friend, is a clear sign of fatigue.

Fatigue is the general feeling of tiredness and a lack of energy. The good news is that there is something you can do about it. You don’t have to be as energetic as a slug anymore!

You can tell if you are suffering from fatigue when you feel lifeless, unenthusiastic, tired and weary. People suffering from fatigue feel less motivated and less energetic. They even show indifferent towards what is going on around them (apathy).

This is terrible for people who have much to do, since they generally don’t feel motivated to work. Employers also are affected when they see their employees moping around lifeless and yawning.

Most people who are fatigued try to use pick-me-ups to increase their energy. Coffee is the most popular of these ‘energy drinks.’ This explains why coffee machines abound in every office.

Most people do not even know that they are fatigued. They usually assume that their energy-depleted condition is normal. Unfortunately, they do not realize that fatigue can be treated through proper lifestyle and consultation. It really is possible to come to work all revved up and ready to go!

In the battle against fatigue, the most important things to consider are their causes.

Fatigue is caused by various factors. It can be caused by excessive physical exertion, emotional stress, lack of sleep and others. However, there are some cases when the reason behind a person’s fatigue may be either psychological or some other physical disorder.

Physical Exertion

Athletes deal with fatigue all the time. Actually, especially in the case of body builders, fatigue is what these athletes aim for. They believe that when the muscles are pushed beyond their limits, these muscles grow to take on a higher load.

When the athlete feels soreness and fatigue, they believe that their training regimen is working.

However, if their bodies are not given time to heal when they are fatigued, the opposite may actually happen. These athletes may actually note a decrease in performance. They may even enter what trainers usually call ‘staleness.’

Emotional Stress

Although physical exertion takes out a lot out of a person’s energy, emotional stress does the same. And sometime the effects of such are much greater than that of physical exertion.

In the case of physical exertion, rest and good diet are a sure way to heal. Those with emotional stress, however, may not find respite unless the reason for their stress is removed. Sometimes, in cases like this, counseling and reflection is needed.

Lack of Sleep

So, you were partying out late last night. The misery of fatigue and tiredness this morning more than makes up for it doesn’t it. Or, you may have pulled out an all-nighter for an overdue project and feel terribly listless the next morning.

Lack of Sleep is one of the worst ways to induce fatigue in a person. A normal person will need about 7 to 8 hours of sleep per day. If one is not able to fill this need, he or she will not only feel tired, but will look awful as well.

How to Deal with Fatigue

It’s actually easy! All you have to do is rest! Give your body and mind time to heal.

Find a place and activity that is relaxing and conducive to healing. Also, make sure you get fresh air, a good diet, and lots and lots of fresh water. But of course, as in all cases, always consult a doctor.

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