Aluminum Scaffold Towers: An Effective Tool for Industrial as well as Residential Use

By: Mark Guirard

Aluminum Scaffold Towers are the popular scaffold towers, which have been designed over the years to help people perform such works as plastering, cladding, installing windows, guttering and other industrial and residential works. There are mainly two kinds of scaffolds in the market: the steel scaffold and the aluminum scaffold. People have been using the steel scaffold towers for long time. But the aluminum scaffold towers came comparatively later. These latter types of scaffolds have a number of advantages over the traditional scaffolds. While you can have all the benefits of a traditional steel scaffold tower, the aluminum scaffold towers are also lightweight and easier to use. Here follows a discussion on the aluminum scaffold towers.

When to use Aluminum Scaffold Towers

If you want to do some jobs that require you to be up above the ground, you need an aluminum scaffold tower. Ok, you may use the ladder, but then you will have your two hands free. In this case, the aluminum scaffold towers will bring you great solution. Thus, if you want to do painting, plastering, rendering, roofing, pvc facia boards fitting, installing windows, guttering and the similar things, you can easily use the aluminum scaffold towers.

Where can you use?

The aluminum scaffold towers are suitable for industrial as well as the residential use. The aluminum DIY scaffold towers are available. Suppose you are trying to repair your air condition, you can use this scaffold tower. On the other hand, it can also be used for doing industrial works or building.

Why aluminum scaffold tower?

The aluminum scaffold towers are easy to set up and move. The most popular sizes available are 5 and 7 meters tall. Some of the aluminum scaffold towers have as many as nine levels of height positioning. These scaffold towers are also available with wide base stabilizing bars and platform units. The aluminum scaffold towers pack down flat, they are easy to store.

Aluminum Mobile Scaffold Towers

The aluminum scaffold towers are also available as mobile scaffold towers. They are lightweight and can be easily moved from one place to another. So, the mobile scaffold towers are typically made of the aluminum. They have wheels and you can take it to any place you want. But when you use the mobile scaffold tower, you should be more cautious. So, be sure that the wheels of your scaffold tower are locked, when you work on it.

Extremely durable

Though the aluminum scaffold towers are light, they are not less durable than the steel scaffold towers. The aluminum scaffold towers are durable enough to withstand the stresses that steel scaffoldings can.

Know the basics

Though it is easy to use the aluminum scaffold towers, you should know at least the basics about the scaffold towers. You should know how to erect, use, and dismantle aluminum scaffold towers in a safe and secure manner.

Thus, if you are on the lookout for a perfect scaffold tower, you can easily opt for the aluminum scaffold towers. They are easy to use as well as durable.

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