Alternative Drug Free Therapies & Aromatherapy

By: Adam Fowler

People are increasingly, starting to move away from conventional medicines, and put their faith in alternative drug free therapies & aromatherapy for treatment for many medical conditions. One area where such therapies can work really well is with the help of flowers. It is no wonder really, as essential oils are often derived from flowers in any case.
What may be surprising to some however, is that it is not only through the captivating aromas that flowers can be used for therapy. Colour therapy has long been used in alternative treatments, and with flowers naturally being available in a wide range, they can help here too.
Far from being a new concept, colour therapy has been employed for many years by respected practitioners of holistic techniques. Particularly useful in the treatment of stress and anxiety, colours always work to stimulate the senses, and put us in a calming and relaxing place.
Whether we need to feel energised first thing in the morning or relaxed after returning home from a hard day at the office, flowers can really help. The colours in flowers too can also help us get motivated, boost our optimism and even help us with our spiritual beliefs and focus.
Surprisingly, it is not the actual colour that evokes such moods, as such. It is more how the human brain reacts to it.
As a rule, bright colours will help to lift us out of a depressed mood. Having such colours in rooms such as the living area, kitchen and hallway can be excellent motivators. For calming purposes, colours that are a little more muted and toned down are excellent in the bedroom, where we need to be as relaxed as possible.
The aromas from flowers are delightful too of course, and it is no wonder that these are often used in the delicate blends of essential oils used in aromatherapy. By themselves, the natural smells released from many flowers can calm and relax.
In some circles, florists have started to recognise the effectiveness of this, and are beginning to offer special aromatherapy packs. Included in these are a beautiful selection of flowers of course; but this is enhanced further by essential oils, oil burners, incense and a host of other luxurious products that smell wonderful.
These displays can be bought in stylish gift packs too, so could make excellent gifts for mum, nan, or that someone special in your life.
When looking at gifts for Christmas, they are certainly something worth considering.
A company that is really looking at this alternative drug free therapies & aromatherapy option is Mode Flowers, based in London. With the network in Holland, they are able to really tailor make your aromatherapy gift to ensure you get just what is required.
Using their website is a joy too; being well laid out with clearly tagged sections to ensure you can find what it is you need at the price you can afford. As alternative drug free therapies & aromatherapy increases in popularity; flowers are set to be the next big thing.

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