Alternative Crowning Glory: Weaves, Wigs and Extensions

By: Nathaniel Hilson

The hair of women is universally known as oneís crowning glory. Aside from wearing skirts and applying cosmetics, having a silky hair adds more to the femininity of a woman. Either long or short, womenís hair is part of their definition as a woman. Thatís why growing oneís hair can be sometimes frustrating, most especially those who have long hair. Daily application of shampoo and conditioner helps prevent unwanted things, animated or not, from oneís hair. For women, long hair can accommodate more hairstyles than short hair.

Even though one maintains to be hygienic when it comes to his or hair hair, there are unavoidable hair problems that will just occur and surprise you. There are symptoms and causes but some boil down to oneís genetics. Few of the most common hair problems are dandruff, hair loss, head lice, scalp problems and thinning of hair. The denominator in all of these problems is stress. Yes, stressful lifestyle causes oneís hair to lose its natural glow and strength. The supposed nutrients dry out and leave oneís scalp and hair frizzy.

Good thing there are treatments made for minor to major hair problems. Hair salon and spas offer hair treatments that cure specific hair problems. Moreover, there are natural and chemical hair products available in the market to help you get rid of it right away. However, some look for a faster hair restoration. In this situation, weaves, wigs and extensions are the best alternative to gaining your hair back. There are professional weaves in Silver Spring and custom wigs in Virginia. If youíre looking for one, there are enormous hairstyles and cuts that you can choose from. Depending on the volume, color and total look of hair that youíre trying to achieve, a hair specialist will be there to guide you and keep you informed on the dos and doníts. If youíre still in the threshold of embracing hair extensions, trying out for partial weaves in MD will do you good. It shall help you come up with a decision whether or not youíre comfortable wearing one and know how to own a real hair. On the other hand, you can also try custom wigs in MD and purchase it in different styles and cuts.

Weaves, wigs and extensions can be used either for health reasons or just for fun. If youíre experiencing hair loss or thinning of hair, then these hair alternative choices will bring back the hair that you want. It can be disheartening to suffer from serious illnesses that result to hair loss. It impinges oneís emotion and soul. The mere fact of having sickness is almost intolerable and realizing the physical changes makes you incomplete or pessimistically negative. In such situation, a human being will be tremendously affected and may discourage him to fight and survive.

On the bright side, some find these items just for fashion or fun. When dressing up, the hair is included. The style and color should match the theme of what youíre wearing. Having said, giving you various look through custom wigs, weaves and extensions will widen your fashion prowess. And if you want to jive into the reggae look, dreadlocks in DC will give you an interesting new look.

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