Alternate Therapies & Supplements useful for ADHD

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I would advise every ADHD person go on a Caveman Diet for a minimum of 5 days. If any symptoms have appeared during that time, but at the end of five days, the person feels better than for a long time, this shows definite food problems. The most common are wheat and corn and milk products. This is why the so called gluten free milk free GFMF diets often work. The Feingold diet can also be a good one if certain foods cause problems. I used a made up solution containing all three food dyes and some aspirin, diluted down about , and did a sublingual test under tongue with drops, and pulse measuring after 5 and 10 minutes. If this is positive, the Feingold diet may help considerably.

SUGAR HANDLING This is somewhat similar to allergy sensitivity in that it can cause some brain problems. In boys and men primarily, it can cause undifferentiated anger sudden rages that are not really justified. If these occur about 3 to 4 hours after eating a high carb meal, this is often due to a hypoglycemic episode. The above website has more detail on all this.

Sugar and high carb intakes are always bad for all we humans who have not evolved enough to handle this amount of glucose. Cutting out, or at least, cutting way down on these bad foods often brings about surprisingly good effects on ADHD children and adults. Of course, these are the very people that crave them the most. The Caveman diet will often show marvelous results just from cutting out high carb foods. It will also lose excess weight for many. Check your scales daily.


These are several supplements that have worked for some others. It must be emphasized that each person is different, and what works for one may or may not work for another.

OMEGA OILS There seems to be a definite link between lack of these essential oils and ADHD. Over the past few decades they have become prominent in research as very essential to health, yet lacking in our modern diet. One theory has it that this is at least one major reason why so many ADD ADHD kids are now showing up.

A study in the UK showed dramatic improvement in school age children that were a year behind in school because of ADHD and other problems. Speech, behavior, and reading were all improved greatly.

Omega oil can be obtained from fish, and also flax oil and other vegetable products. Fish obtained oils can pose another problem, as much fish today is contaminated with mercury. Be sure that any supplements you feed your family are free of this.

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