Allocation of Taxation or Government Spending: Which is more important to you?

By: Wade Henderson

For centuries governments have had taxation of one form or another. Everyone hates them, but this is the way the government gets money to support the social programs we want to have in our society. Two of the biggest questions have always been what is the best allocation of collecting taxes from the public and then deciding how to spend the collected funds.
But some people are more concerned with how they are raised then how they are spent. Look in any newspaper in the world and you will see the varying opinions. Who carries the burden of the taxation: Corporations or Individuals?
Those that own businesses will want the consumer to carry more of the tax burden as the current status of many companies is not stable to support additional taxes, and the people who still do have employment do not want the added taxes as many people have taken pay cuts plus inflation has increased, so they are not in a position to carry additional tax burdens either.
While the individual taxation does affect everyone, business owners will more often see it that they are in business and are already faced with many obstacles in todays market with wages, property taxes, payroll taxes and everything else that they are paying out monthly and if they have anything left for themselves, they would like to be able to pay their own bills.
Because of the general attitude of the general public, feeling that individuals that own businesses are rich and well off, people think that companies have lots of expendable cash. This, we all know now, is very far from the truthso who will pay the taxes needed to cover the debt we are incurring with Obama?
Then the matter of when the taxes are collected, where will the money be spent? Does it go to Corporate bailouts or social programs like schools and healthcare? Will it go towards civil projects or off-shore aid? Military or the Arts?
Please comment on the allocation of Taxation and Government Spending: Which is more important to you?

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