All you want to know about hair extensions

By: Peter Cameron

Whether you want to incorporate a fringe, a splash of color or want to add length or volume to your hair, extension hair can certainly help you achieve your style in minutes. Here is your complete introduction to extension hair.
Whether its change in style, color, length or volume of hair, celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Byonnce Knoweles, Selena Gomez, Hillary duff and many more simply surprise with their new looks. How do they manage to get that so frequently? Itís the magic of hair extensions that allow them get a new style so quickly. Apart from being the key reason for changing looks, hair extensions have been in increasing demand by women wishing for long hair. However it will take considerable time to gain that length. But with hair extensions this is possible. Hair extensions allow you gain length and volume without any difficulty, but care for hair is monumental.
So whatís the catch? Choosing the right kind of hair that suits you is the key. Here is a brief guide to hair extensions.
Also called hair weaves, hair extensions are the form of real or synthetic hair that can be closely attached to your scalp, thereby adding length, thickness and color to natural hair. Some of them are long lasting while others are not. When well matched in color and textures these can easily mix with your natural hair and no on would know if you are actually wearing them. Human hair extensions are often considered as quality extensions. You can wash, color and condition them just like your natural hair.
Hair extensions can be braided, glued, woven or clipped in with your natural hair.
Why you should buy Virgin Hair extensions?
If you struggle with growing your natural hair, hair extensions are an ideal option to add length and volume to head. You can try new styles without getting fixed to one. These are certainly the best solution to cover us bad hair cut. You can even add subtle highlights without adding any chemicals to your hair. Hair extensions are pain free to use. These were the few benefits that you can have with your hair extensions. But there are so cons of using hair extensions as well.
The major disadvantage of using hair extensions is that they can damage your natural hair. Since they are heated, glued and braided with natural hair, they can damage their root or can even break them if not done carefully.
After attaching the hair extensions you also need to take care for them. Use special brush over your extensions. Before going to bed, braid your hair in a loose knot and open them up in the morning. Comb them from lower ends and then working up to the roots. Use a gentle shampoo and rinse in cold water to avoid tangles. Avoid excessive usage of hair styling products and always use the alcohol free products on your hair.

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