All you need to know about the hair extensions

By: Jenette Kimberly

Do you have a bad hair cut that do nothing for your looks or you are bored of sporting the same old look but couldn’t try anything different because of your hair length and volume? Are you looking for a temporary change of look? Hair extensions can lend you the hottest hair style in a jiffy. You can use hair extensions to support a sleek and straight hair r vivacious ringlets or highlights in your hair. Celebrities like Byonce Knoweles, Sandra bullock, Jennifer Aniston and Nicole Kidman use hair extensions to have trendy hair styles. You can visit a good hair salon for fusion hair extensions, clip in hair extensions or hair wefts.
Hair extensions can give you new look – that is easy to care for and that can be changed quite frequently when you wish. Hair extensions are ideal for those who want to have longer hair or intricate patterns and colors in their hair without damaging the original hair. Hair extensions should be well matched and fixed so that it mixes and moves naturally with natural hair.
Hair extensions add instant length, texture, volume and color to your hair. You can choose from a range of hair extension types and colors and these typically last for a couple of months. Sometimes these are applied for a special occasion or event.
Hair extensions are available in three standard sizes – standard, fine and extra fine. You can pick them up and perm and curl them to suit your fancy. Hair strands can be heat fused or glued to your hair with waxes or polymers.
The fusion hair extension technique involves use of chemicals. Wefts are like curtains of hair that can be attached at the top with the scalp or hair and left loose at the bottom. Handmade extensions are thicker and often better in quality. They tend to last longer that machine made ones.
Hair extensions must be washed, conditioned and shampooed at regular intervals along with you natural hair. Moisturizing your hair is critical as hair doesn’t receive scalp oils. Remove all tangles and knots and keep them clean. If these are glued on your natural hair it is likely to cause burning and splitting at the ends.
Very long hair can pose more pressure on your scalp and can often result in headache and thinning of natural hair. Hair extensions are to be carefully removed and looked after and maintained. Gentle hair care products will keep them in good condition.
European hair are very fine and unsuitable to use. Chinese hair are round cross section making them incompatible for Caucasian hair used for wigs. Indian hair are generally widely preferred for making hair extensions. Indian hair are collected from temples where people donate them. Such hair are never chemically treated and are left in virgin state. These can be further colored and treated. This can’t be done to synthetic hair, so you should always use virgin human hair.

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