All you need to know about Podiatry in Cannington

By: Ayala Pablo

For those who are not aware of the term 'Podiatry', it refers to the branch of medicine which deals with diagnosis and surgical treatment of ailments of ankle, foot and the lower extremities. The term 'Podiatry' first came into existence in the early twentieth century when doctors in the United States started using it. Later the word could be easily found in countries like Australia and the United Kingdom. A person who specializes in podiatry has to be trained in various fields of medicine such as physiology, human anatomy along with the sociological and psychological aspect. If compared to other branches of the medical field, it can be held equal to a degree of M.D which means Doctor of Medicine.

The early days of Podiatry

The origin of podiatry can be traced back to the work of Greek philosopher Hippocrates who described calluses and corns in great details and mentioned how they should be treated. In fact he even suggested the use of skin scrapers for the purpose.

Earlier the doctors who dealt with podiatry were considered to be separate from the field of organized medicine as they were independently licensed and it was only by the later years of the 19th century that the podiatrists were deemed to be aligned with the main branch of medicine. The first separate, organized society of podiatrists was established in 1895 which went by the name of NYSMA and it is still in function today. The first podiatry school to open was in 1911 which was followed by another in 1919.

Common podiatric ailments

Some of the most common podiatric ailments which affect people regularly are flat foot, painful feet, ligament tears, corn etc. Painful feet and ligament tears are caused by strenuous exercises especially if done after a long period of time. Ligament tears require the attention of an orthopedist as well as a podiatrist. Flat foot is often a genetic issue which comes from birth. It does not have a complete cure but with advancement in the medical field, it can be dealt with and controlled substantially.

How to deal with common podiatric ailments?

The most common and effective way to deal with a podiatric issue is to exercise regularly keeping the lower limbs in focus. Regular exercise with complete stretching of the legs will keep that dreadful pain away. Also it is imperative that the feet are dried and cleaned with a towel after exercise. The sweat generated during the exercise should be removed as soon as possible or else it can cause fungal infections apart from painful feet.

In case of an internal injury, it is important to listen to your podiatrist and follow the instructions given by him. Normally in case of a muscle ache, podiatrists prescribe hot and cold fomentation which relaxes the muscle and releases the stress built up inside. You can get regular pedicures done in order to keep your feet free from issues like corns and calluses.

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There are a large number of foot ailments which people face. It is necessary that we take care of our feet because they are one of the organs which deal with most wear and tear. Contact a Cannington Podiatry in Perth, Western Australia to maintain the beauty of your feet and for any complaints like leg aches, knee soreness etc. Click here for the contact details.

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