All about Bats- Things You Never Knew

By: Vikram Kuamr

Many people are usually confused on whether bats are birds or mammals. The
truth is that they are the only flying mammals with their wings looking like the hand of a human being. It is simply a very complicated creature to understand. In line with that, this article will take a look at things you never knew about bats that might end up surprising you. The all about bats information will open up your eyes to something new thus make sure you have read through. Dieting is one of the many aspects that remain mysterious about bats. What do they eat? This is a valid question that any person will ask about this flying mammal.

Studies have shown that up to 70% of these mammals eat insects while the remaining few share between eating fruits, nectar, small mammals like frogs and lizards. Also, there are a few bats that eat fish and some in South America that suck blood. Bats just like many other living creatures come in different species but some of them are facing extinction. If you carry out a study, you will realize that a certain species of bats still enjoy a population of millions while others have very few numbers. The extinct bats are found in some few places of the world but generally bats are to be found in almost every part of the world species notwithstanding.
The possible places where bats are not known to habit a lot are the life-threatening deserts and areas covered by glacier. The hearing sense for bats is very sophisticated and it’s called echolocation. This works through the bat emitting sounds that have the capacity of bounding off any objects that they come across on the way. That will then send echoes to the bat and its possible for a bat to determine how big a certain object is by just feeling the echo. In addition, this hearing sense helps the bats know how far the objects are, the speed at which they are moving as well as texture of the objects. All this happens within a span on seconds. This is all about bats, their unique way of hearing and exceptionality from other mammals.
Winter is a very dangerous weather condition for bats and they have a way of evading that. They go through what is called overwintering and this largely involves hibernation and migration to run away from effects of the cold weather. Reproduction is also part of the things you need to know about bats since many people have several question marks around that. For a bat, the gestation period is between 40 days to 6 months depending on size. Simply put it; the bigger the bat the longer the gestation period.

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You need to look for All About Bats information and a lot of new things will be learned. You might not have known the gestation period of bats or how they hear which will all be contained in such information. The Fun Bat Facts are enjoyable reading through so nothing should pull you back.

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