All You Need to Know about Tinting Your Car's Windows

By: Travor Chang

Default factory windows on your car are good and all, but sometimes you may want to get something a little more special. Tinting your car's windows has various benefits and it's something you should consider if you want to improve the ease of your driving as well as the appearance of your car at the same time. It's not an expensive procedure in most cases, but we can give you one big piece of advice and that's to avoid trying to do it yourself. Then it might actually become quite expensive.

The basic idea is that a tinting film is applied over your car's window and either left there permanently, or removed after a few hours at which point it has tinted the window itself. This might sound simple enough, and you can even go out and buy tinting foil yourself. However, one small mistake in its application can cost you dearly. If you leave any air bubbles in, those will be impossible to remove later, and can really degrade the appearance of your car.

On the other hand, if you just take your car to an auto shop that offers tinting, they will handle the job professionally and more importantly, quickly. Even though it might be possible that you actually do your own tinting and don't mess it up, it's still going to take you a ridiculous amount of time to do that. Compare that to getting the job done in less than an hour at a good auto shop, and you've got a clear winner.

Another good reason to go with a professional service instead of relying on your own skills, is that you may unknowingly break some of your local laws. Most places usually put limitations on how much a car's windows can be tinted for various reasons. It's both for your safety on the road (after a certain point you can't really make out the important features of your surroundings), as well as for that of others (in the past, criminals often used tinted windows to avoid getting seen once they were in their vehicle). The penalty for breaking the law for window tinting might not be that severe, but they'll also make you remove all your tinting, so you'll end up wasting quite a bit of money on that ordeal.

A good auto shop should be well aware of any local laws and regulations concerning the use of window tinting, and their work should be within the acceptable limits in all cases. Just make sure that you keep your receipt in case you run into any problems related to your tinting later on, of course. If you can show that it was done by that specific shop, you might be able to get off the hook. But still, as long as you take the precaution to hire a good auto shop in the first place, your tinting should be well within the acceptable limitations, and you should have no problems with that in the future.

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