All You Need to Know When Buying Mens Wallets

By: Kevin Lance

Wallets are not solely for the use of storing cash. They are also used to store important items that you need every day. Also, wallets say something about you. Its style and design will reflect something about your personality.
The use of a wallet is considered to be indispensable by a lot of people. There are several designs and formats available for you. But do you know which one you should purchase?
There are three things that you should first look for in a wallet. First, the wallet has to be functional. Make sure that the wallet would be able to serve your needs. There is no use for a wallet that would not be able to carry what you want or need to put in there.
The next thing to look into is the practicality of the wallet. The shape, size and color of the wallet all have to be considered. It should be easy to carry and should comfortably fit into your shirt or trouser pocket. Also, it should be big enough to carry all your articles. You should also get your moneys worth when buying a wallet. See to it that you buy a wallet of a good quality which is made from good material.
The third on the list is the compatibility of the look and feel of the wallet with the style and personality of the carrier. Your wallet makes a statement about you. Men usually prefer wallets made out of leather as these give a classy and stylish look. Also if some one prefers an exquisite wallet made out of alligator or any other reptile skin then you know that he holds his style statement highly and likes to indulge himself.
Wallets can be of different formats. And you have to choose one in accordance to your comfort. There are four basic formats of mens wallets. One is the standard or hipster horizontal format. This is also known as the US-style format. This the most common format in the USA. It is called hipster since it is often put in the hip pocket or back pocket of the trousers. It comes in different sizes. Most of them have 6 or 8 pockets for bills and credit cards. Larger versions would be able to hold 10 to 12 credit cards. It is about the size of a dollar bill.
The other format is the vertical one commonly called the Hong Kong style wallet. This type of wallet is much taller and wider than the hipster type. You can store currency bills unfolded in this type of wallet. Also the vertical type wallet is useful to store foreign currency notes which are taller than the standard US dollar bills. It also has either flip out or flip in sections for the storage of credit cards as well as IDs.
Next is the front-pocket wallet. Most men are minimal when it comes to carrying important items. And this format is small that you might have to fold a dollar bill twice or thrice before you could make it fit. However, this will be big enough to carry your drivers license, around 4 credit cards or a couple of business cards.
Last but not the least, theres the breast coat pocket wallet, also known as the long wallet. This is for those who look for a more urbane, refined and European look. James Bond sports this kind of wallet. And if you would like to display elegance, you can purchase this kind. It is ideal for special occasions and during traveling. However, it can be very expensive.
These are just the basic formats of wallets that you could choose from. Just remember that you need to consider the functionality, practicality and style of the wallet before you decide on which you would purchase.

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