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The ATVs or all terrain vehicles are the ones that can be driven on any terrain. They are your perfect partners for any off road cruise. Be it a rugged mountain terrain or loose sand, they just move around with ease. They can be used anywhere on road and off road, though some countries donít allow ATVs on road. They come with three wheels or four. These vehicles donít have a steering wheel to control the vehicle instead they have a handle more like a bike. Their tires are supposed to be on a relatively low pressure. As these vehicles are used to traverse on uneven terrain they should be easily adaptive to the physical strain. They posses better suspension when compared to other vehicles. The tires have lower air pressure to cope up with the uneven terrain. This helps absorb most of the pressure and gives a comfortable ride avoiding jolts.

The ATVs are either 3 or 4wheeled vehicles and 6wheeled are still prototypes. Their operation is more or less like a bikeís. The driver sits on the seat. The handle is straddled by the driver while sitting on the seat. The driver can drive the vehicle by both, sitting on the seat or standing.

These machines are fun to ride on but they also came with great risks. They are used for off road driving. Their movements are very unpredictable on such surfaces. They are known to roll over quite often. There have been several cases of accidents related to ATVs. Driving them involves great risks and posses great threat to the driver. However proper training and experience can help keep these problems at bay. These vehicles demand skillful drivers for an off road venture. Amateurs should first hone their skills on manageable terrains before venturing out on hard grounds. To enable the rookies improve their skills the manufacturers have introduced low power and less heavy ones. Following government rules these are less than 90cc, so that even those below 12 can drive them. Another important thing to be taken care of while driving these unpredictable vehicles is to wear the protective gear. They are meant for adventure and it is your duty to make sure that your escapade doesnít spell misfortune for you. They are built to seat one. Try to avoid taking along any extra passenger and also avoid being one. Responsible driving is also fun.

The size of the engine varies from 49cc to 1,000cc. Those below 90 cc are for under 12 category. Basically these vehicles weigh around 700pounds. So much of weight and engine power. Apart from recreation they also contribute to air pollution. Like other automobiles they also emit gases harmful to the nature. There are many sports competitions organized for ATVs. The Dakar Rally has a race segment especially for them. The ATV Motocross is held on the premier motocross tracks. They are gaining popularity even among women. There are classes exclusively for women drivers in some championships. Their popularity has led their manufacturers to bring in some variety. There is serious competition in the field. The leading manufacturers of ATVs are Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki.

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