All Eyes On Me

By: Jossy Grishan

People would often thing that I am a very shallow person, often superficial, but I really don't care about it. I am definitely not making excuses for my behavior. And yes, I do love to be the center of attention at all times. Nevertheless, there is a big difference between what you truly love and what you deserve. If only I could jot down all the thing that I did in high school and now in college to tell you exactly what I would do to hog that attention. Most of the time, I must say, I have been very successful of other people noticing, but there at times when I would just be like everybody else - invisible. But there was this one moment that I can say gave justice to my need for attention.
I remember it was my senior year in high school and me and my friends planned to go camping. One of the first instructions they told us was to not bring anything fancy, expensive on a trip such as this. Losing them and getting them dirty would be the consequence if this happens. So i decided that I would just rather buy inexpensive stuff, luggage, baggage and all that. I often would borrow my mom's very expensive luggage, but I know that I would probably get them dirty and scratched anyways, I cant afford to get grounded on my senior year! As I was walking down Sunset Ave., I saw a sign that says SALE and the handbags that were displayed were the ones my mom has. And mind you , she would tell me to never touch them because they cost hundreds of dollars. But these ones were very inexpensive, half the price! I decided to buy one big bag for myself, and I was very happy with how much money I saved and still potentially get the attention.
When I was at camp, one of the pretty girls who wouldn't talk to me before AT ALL suddenly came up to me and got really friendly with me. I was definitely surprised when she did that, as I didn't know the reason for why she would. She just started talking to me about my family background, where I live and all that. Part me of was trying to figure out why she would do that, another part of me was very happy that she noticed me. She is very popular in my school because she is known for her good sense of fashion. For her to talk to me, it was a big deal.
At night next to the borne fire, she asked me if I knew some place where she could get a good deal on designer handbags and I was puzzled, as I could not anticipate where that question was coming from. Then, pointing at my bag she said " it is one of the greatest Thomas Wylde bags that I have ever seen. Putting one and one together, I understood that Thomas Wylde would be one of the designer bags and that is the reason that she like a butterfly would not leave me alone.
At that point in time, it hit me that the bag I was carrying was one of the ones I was reading about. Comparing the tension I would have carried, have I been accompanied by my moms luxury LV luggage, with the attention that I got because of this bag " was simply the best deal ever. I could just let the bag be as I didnt spend thousands of dollars, yet it is getting that social recognition I always loved. Moreover, it is a beautiful feeling if you get it from someone you could have never imagined.
So on her birthday, I gave her the exact purse that I have, the one that she kept on raving about. She was so happy when I gave it to her. Ever since then, we've become friends. I also joined the popular clique my senior year, it was the best thing that ever happened to me - all because of a replica handbag.

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