All About Granite in the Kitchen

By: Henry Calberniale

When you decide to redesign your kitchen and are thinking of putting in granite kitchen counter tops, you will want to know as much as possible about granite.
Granite is an usual stone that is widely available. What makes granite unusual in appearance is the fact that in addition to the basic components of feldspar and quartz, granite contains many other minerals. This combination of minerals is what makes each piece of granite look unique. The uniqueness of each piece of granite is one of the appealing reasons people like granite countertops. No countertop will look exactly the same.
The installation of a granite counter top is a multi-step process. The first important step requires the supplier to design your counter top layout. (If your counter top layout is remaining the same, and you are just replacing the existing material with granite, this step will not be necessary.) After the design is determined, someone must come to your home and take exact measurements. A template of your counter tops is constructed next. It will be a guide for cutting the granite that will become your counter tops in your kitchen
Using the template, the granite will be cut to fit the counter tops exactly. It is now time for the cut granite to be brought to your home for installation!
For a moment imagine how beautiful your kitchen will be after the granite counter tops are installed. The naturalness of the granite will bring the beauty of nature right into your kitchen. Because granite is a natural stone, it will be unique. Man-made materials can be easily duplicated, but your natural granite counter tops will be the only ones to look the way they do. You will indeed have a beautiful and unique,one-of-a-kind kitchen.
Granite is not only unique, but it will retain its beauty for many, many years. This makes granite ideally suited for use in a kitchen where there is a lot of work done. Granite is very hard and will not show any scratches or other signs of wear.
Caring for granite kitchen counter tops could not be easier or cheaper. You just use warm water with a little soap in a pail. Dip a sponge in the water and gently sponge the counter top to remove any food or other debris on the counter top. Use a dry towel to absorb any remaining moisture on the counter top and you will see the original luster restored to your granite top.
Even most hard to remove stains clean up easily from a granite kitchen counter top. Solutions can remove even fruit stains like blueberries or strawberries that might be on the granite. You can use the solution on the granite because the granite is so hard that difficult stains can be removed easily. If you apply the solution properly, the granite is not harmed in any way. After the solution is applied on the granite, you should sponge the granite with soapy water. In addition, there are many other ways to remove difficult stains from the granite counter top. It is advisable to ask the company that sells and installs the granite counter top in your kitchen to give you complete instructions for the care and maintenance of your new granite counter top. Granite is so durable that it could last longer than your house. After all, the granite itself was probably already around long before your house was ever built!Most hard to remove stains can be easily cleaned up on your granite counter top. If there are food spots that are hard to remove from the top of the counter top such as a stain from a fruit such as blueberries, a solution can remove the stains. This is possible because of the hardness of the granite making it easy to clean hard to remove spots. The bleach, if properly applied, does not harm the granite. After the bleach solution is applied, it should be carefully sponged of with soapy water. There are a variety of approaches for cleaning off different hard to remove stains from your granite counter top. If you pick the company to sell and install the granite counter top for you, they will provide you with complete instructions for the care of your granite counter top. With proper care, your granite tops can last longer than your house because of the extreme durability of the granite.

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Remodeling your kitchen can add a lot of value and beautify your home. Adding granite countertops is one smart move. Learn about granite countertops.

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