All About Golf Balls

By: Glenn Davis

The golf ball is, arguably, the most interesting sports ball there is. Manufacturers follow what can be considered a "constitution" to ensure that every golf ball they produce can perform under several calculated velocity, distance, and symmetry limits (which this code of rules dictate too by the way). It is stated that golf balls should weigh no more than 45.93 grams and have a diameter not less than 42.67 mm. They are set to have only 250 – 450 dimples as well, arranged in circles or hexagons in a white backdrop.

Oddly enough, many golfers, specially the beginners, still find shopping for golf balls hard. There are lots of available golf balls in the market today, varying in brands and colors thus, confusing beginners in a large degree. For beginners, it is advisable to ignore what others say about specific golf ball brands, may those be positive or negative. Practically speaking, what newbies need are low cost value golf balls. The internet is a great place to find cheap golf balls for sale. Some online sellers even have renowned brands in their inventory giving you the chance to score quality golf balls in affordable rates.

Another thing that makes golf balls interesting is the many novelty items created based on them. Although cheater balls are banned in professional sanctioned games, they can be amusing and hilarious during recreational play. The exploding golf ball is an example. Another is the personalized golf ball. Usually printed with blue, green, or red ink, these golf balls can make any occasion for golfers more thoughtful and touching.

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Glenn Davis

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