Alarming Device As Dog Repellent

By: Charlie Duff

The types of dog repellent are usually the aerosol type and the electronic gadgets. The aerosols are in canister sprays while the other type is used to emit high sounding frequency. This electronic device is effective for training canines. These are very useful as resisting agents against chasing or attacking canines.
The electronic watch dog is a product of mans ingenuity applying the microwave technology. It can operate simply as when a dog is approaching within 20 feet, it barks like an enormous irate canine. This special device is an alarming device that can scare this four-legged animal.
The closer they get to you the more horrifying is the bark coming out of the gadget. Generally, dogs have poor visions particularly at night but their ears are quite sensitive. If you are holding the device, they can mistake you as a huge creature much bigger than them. Canines have good retention and recognition of stimuli. Thus if they sense you are the source of that discomfort, they will stay away from you.
There is also the dog chaser which is another product of the advancement of science employing ultrasonic technology. The device gives out an annoying high-frequency sound audible only the ears of this animal. The irking noise is too much for their sensitive sense of hearing that makes the creature run away from you. This has an effective range of up to 15 feet away from you. This is also an effective tool for dog trainings.
Typically, canines are intelligent creatures. They can be easily trained by means of association. The spray is the most common dog repellent and very affordable that is why it is very popular. It has an effective range of at least 5 feet. It emits a discomforting smell that is very repugnant to the nose of this animal. Most often they equate discomfort and unpleasant smell to pain like a dog repellent.

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