Air Tools for your Home Workshop

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If you are looking for a great addition to your home workshop equipment, consider purchasing some air tools. These tools are so versatile for a wide variety of tasks, and may be used during many weather conditions, even in the rain Air tools may be used in the rain as they do not use any electrical current. As such, they may be used near water or rainy conditions without carrying the risk of severe electrical shock. While most air compressors contained within tools require an electrical current, there are portable models that operate with gas power instead, requiring no electricity, and thereby dramatically improving the usability of the tool. Considering the aforementioned fact, it should be no surprise why air tools are popular. Furthermore, air tool models require far less maintenance and typically last much longer than their electrical counterparts. The sheer amount of tasks you can achieve using the gas powered air compressor really is quite astounding.!br>
You will require an Air Compressor to use any type of air tool, like an impact wrench. Of course, the air tool runs on air power, just like the name portrays. As such the air tool requires a powerful air supply. An air compressor can supply your tool with the power it needs. Most air tools actually only require a small air compressor to properly run. However, the larger the air compressor, the more power you will be able to deliver to your air tool and the greater it's associated usage. Additionally, a larger air reservoir tank is recommended for your air compressor, as all air tools require high volumes of air. Personally, I am quite pleased with my portable 2HP, 6.4 gallon air compressor that can generate up to 7.8CFM. I bring my compressor with me in order to use all my varying air tools, such as the Ingersoll Rand 2115TI. Since I use my air tools with high frequency, the reservoir tank often drains rapidly, which translates into the air compressor running longer in order to generate power to my air tools. As such, I highly recommend that you look for an air compressor unit that has a tank at least 6.4 gallons or greater in size. Additionally, the CFM rating is highly important in order to get the best possible use of your air tools. As aforementioned, a larger compressor tank for air compressors is far better than a smaller one. Be aware that the larger sizes for air compressors will be more expensive.
A common tool that can be run with an air compressor is an Impact Wrench, and as such, there is a particular model that is highly recommended.
That model is the Ingersoll Rand 231C 1/2-inch Super Duty Air Impact Wrench. This is a high quality model that is durable enough to be used by the vast majority of mechanics, but is simple to use for the average person. The Ingersoll Rand Impact Wrench model utilizes a pressure fed lubrication, an adjustable power regulator, and a excellent handle that allows the tool to be used for a wider variety of tasks than its competitors. Additionally, the model is fairly priced, making it affordable for both the professional mechanic and DYI weekender. The The Ingersoll Rand Impact Wrench enjoys excellent customer reviews, all which verify the model's high quality, long lasting durability, and substantial torque power. Although this model will run you approximately $100, it is truly a cost-effective tool when considering all the tasks it can perform, as well as the highly rated durability. If you require a 3/8" size instead of the standard 1/2", consider the Ingersoll Rand 2115TI - much like it's smaller cousin, this high quality tool will meet all of your demands and exceed expectations.

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