Agoraphobia – A Horrible, Life Changing Anxiety Condition

By: Gen Wright

Agoraphobia is a kind of anxiety disorder. Patients who are affected by agoraphobia have a tendency to stay away from some specific places. Although the Greek origin of the name (agora=marketplace, phobia=fear) suggests that the only busy places like marketplaces will trigger the attacks, the reality is, it does not really matter whether these locations are public or not. As long as the victim remembers a similar place or event, they have a chance of going through a panic attack.

Generally, panic attacks are results of certain triggers. In case of agoraphobia, the new triggers are created every time when the victim suffers from an anxiety attack. He/She then remembers this situation, which then becomes a trigger. After that, whenever the patients find themselves in identical situation that may start an anxiety attack.

An individual who suffers from agoraphobia knows this. Therefore they have a tendency to stay away from places where there is even the slightest chance that an anxiety attack may occur. Even if a full blown panic attack does not happen, they could still get the overwhelming feelings of fear. And as we all know, those feelings can only produce even more stress, which is very unhealthy.

Everyone who suffers from agoraphobia will find that as time passes by, there will be more and more locations he/she cannot go to. That is because the number of bad experiences increases over time, whenever he/she goes through a new panic attack. If left untreated, the sufferers could find themselves with no other option but to stay at home.

This will cause a lot of problems in patient's life. For instance, he/she might not be able to visit some places, even if their employer requires them to go. Their social life may suffer because they tend to avoid socializing. As a result, the overall quality of life will start to decline, and the patient's life will become miserable.

So, a person who suffers from agoraphobia should look for a treatment as soon as possible. There are three commonly used kinds of treatments out there.

The first type of treatment is psychotherapy. Psychotherapy sessions are conducted by qualified mental health professionals and will help to remove the triggers which are initiating the panic attacks. Different patients may respond to this type of treatment in a different way. Some may be healed completely, while others will find their conditions improving. Do take into the account that the more severe the condition, the more time is needed for psychotherapy to have visible positive effects.

Another type of treatment is to take medication. Drugs are often necessary because the effects are more readily visible. Taking right medication in appropriate doses can help the patients to perform their daily functions. Drugs are often used together with psychotherapy treatment.

The third type of treatment are the self help methods. These methods are invented by people who have previously suffered from agoraphobia, and have since recovered from the disorder. They have put out the information about their recovery process in a program.

People who are affected by agoraphobia should watch carefully what works for them. Obviously, different people require different sorts of approach. Agoraphobia can be healed when the right treatment is applied.

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