Agent Provocateur Perfume – Ideal Fragrance For Modern Women

By: Gen Wright

The modern woman is a bold woman and she is not afraid to show to the world what she really is. She is sensual and she is in control of herself because she is independent. The modern woman is an epitome of strength, beauty and passion. She is the strong nurturer, the invincible fighter and she is also the ultimate seducer.

If you are a modern woman who is in search for that perfect fragrance to go with your style, I have something special to recommend. This is a perfume that has all the qualities that you are looking for. It has the panache, the boldness and the heady sense of passion that runs so deep within you. You know you want to express yourself fully through your fragrance and this perfume will let you do that.

Agent Provocateur perfumes have strength, boldness and passion all over them. Just like the many-layered woman of the modern world, this perfume has many layers that would slowly unravel as you get closer and closer. The perfume has a full body and has all the subtle hints of desire that a woman so artfully plays through her eyes and lips.

Thus, this perfume will make you complete with its fullness and complexity. We all know that the modern woman is a complex person. She has many roles to play and she has many sides to her personality. This is what makes a woman so mysterious and hence, so very appealing. So appealing that a man will want to come close and experience the real person. This perfume masterfully combines various unique elements within the usual three-layer note structure that makes it a work of art. Never before have you smelled something as close to you and yet something as enticing and mysterious.

The top note of the perfume is saffron and coriander and this makes for a very quick and exotic effervescence when you first put it on. Its very exotic nature will call out for attention and everyone around you will turn and take notice of the diva that has just entered the room.

The middle notes are what sustain the beauty of this perfume. There is the hint of exotic with Moroccan rose and Jasmine, along with the touch of class with Ylang Ylang, Magnolia and White Gardenia. These put together make for that regal smell that will make everyone stand up and take notice even when the effervescent top note is no longer present.

The base note is the one that stays on for a long time and this is where you will notice the magic of this perfume. As you disrobe for the approaching night and enter in to the arms of your lover, the subtle yet lingering smell of Amber, Musk and Vetiver will mesmerize you. They will stay with your whilst passion and desire take you over and you are whisked away in to an ethereal world.

Agent Provocateur perfumes are the best perfume the modern woman can get.

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