Affordable Jacuzzi Hot Tubs

By: Lesley Lyon

Hot tub and Jacuzzi are mutually interchangeable words and a Jacuzzi hot tub uses jets of forced air to produce current and bubbles to produce therapeutic effects and for pleasurable purposes. In fact, Jacuzzi is a brand name and refers to the hot tubs manufactured by the Jacuzzi Company.

It is a general opinion that Jacuzzi hot tubs are pieces of luxury that are placed in the centre of the garden or in a terrace. But, since the stress in every one's life is increasing day be day and the medical costs are soaring, to counter these problems, the trend to turn to natural healing methods like hydro therapy and hydro massage is on the increase.

Hydrotherapy can be obtained from a Jacuzzi hot tub as a result of the principles of buoyancy, semi buoyancy, hydrostatic pressure and warm water. A Jacuzzi hot tub offers the benefit of a visit to a spa right from the comfort of home and at any time desired and family and friends can also benefit through a Jacuzzi hot tub.

When a person soaks in warm water for quite some time, it is evident that the blood vessels dilate and the flow of blood, oxygen and other nutrients in the body, are increased turn helping to eliminate the unwanted toxins from the body. When the warm water and jetted pulsating water combine together, it gives natural remedy to the agitated mind and reduces aches and pains in the body, like stiffness in the joints and muscle soreness.

The jets also reduce and eliminate the blue veins in the legs and feet .This is possible because the blood flow in these areas is increased due to the action of jets. When a person soaks in a Jacuzzi hot tub for thirty minutes before going to bed, it is sure to enhance the quality of sleep.

Jacuzzi hot tub exploits the natural benefits of water like buoyancy and semi buoyancy effects of water. Experience shows that using a Jacuzzi hot tub regularly, helps in losing the unwanted weight in a person. Jacuzzi hot tub helps to relieve the tension in the neck and shoulders.

Many Jacuzzi hot tubs have foot jets to provide special massage treatment for feet which is especially useful for golfers and hence also called a “Golfer's spa". A Jacuzzi hot tub is a good respite to relieve the pain and hassles of a long drive and instantly relieves the pain to offer comfort.

Since the Jacuzzi hot tub is fitted with filters, the water in the hot tub is always kept crystal clear and the insulated cover and heater keep the warmth, always. If ozone is used to clean the Jacuzzi hot tub, the amount of other chemicals used is reduced to a great extent and it would suffice to monitor the chemical balance on regular basis by using testing strips.

When a good quality Jacuzzi hot tub is purchased, it ensures a touch of class and convenience combined with relaxation and relief from stress.

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