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By: Kelly Renaul

One of the newest and most popular types of fabric to come along with the whole green revolution is bamboo, which is often likened to the feel of silk or cashmere. Ideal clothing for people who love organics and natural fibers but want something other than cotton, these clothes are comfortable, breathable, durable, beautiful and also not much more in cost than traditional clothing with other fibers. The great thing is that whether you are looking for bamboo, cashmere or other organic types of clothing, they are gaining popularity and are becoming increasingly easy to find in stores everywhere and also on the Internet.

Bamboo cashmere clothing is extremely soft, very comfortable and also very good for those with sensitive skin who dont like being in such close contact with chemicals of different kinds. Many people mistakenly think that if they wash their clothing they will automatically rid it of the toxins and chemicals, but unfortunately this is not the case. Even with many washings, on traditionally chemically treated clothing the toxins and chemicals remain, which means that they get absorbed into the skin of the person who is wearing the clothing. This is especially true with young children, toddlers and infants. The younger the child is the thinner the skin is, and they absorb all of those chemicals and things much faster than an adult does simply because their skin is thinner. Parents are becoming increasingly concerned with what not only goes into their childrens bodies but also what goes on them. The only way to make sure that you get cashmere feeling clothing that is truly organic and natural is to stick with the bamboo fibers. Something else that is great about the bamboo clothing is that unlike cashmere it is relatively much less expensive and it also is durable and much easier to clean and wash. In addition, it naturally has an anti microbial element to it that inhibits odor that is caused by bacterial growth. This natural, chemical free type of material is very breathable, which is part of the reason why clothing made of it is so comfortable. Unlike silk, which can be terrible for letting air through, this material allows air to flow freely right through to keep the wearer very comfortable. For this reason, cashmere like bamboo clothing is suitable in the summer to keep the body cool and great for the winter because it keeps the body warm.

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