Affiliate Program. Should You Set One Up?

By: Lucas Heijn

If you really want to put your business into top gear, the best way to do that is to create an affiliate program. An affiliate program means that you have got a lot of other people selling your product for you. And the best part is that you don't need to pay them till after you have been paid.

It also means that your product now has many people promoting it. This creates a viral effect and helps make your product to be seen as being very popular. So even though you may need to share 50% of the income with your affiliates you still end up making a lot of money.

If you decided you didn't want to bother with affiliates here is what it could be like. You have a big list of e-mails subscribers, let's say 100,000. You send out your promotion to the list, and you have a conversion rate of 0.04%. This means that you have made about 400 sales.

Now, of course, you still use your list, but we also have 100 affiliates promoting the product. Now if each affiliate made 10 sales, you have made a further 1000 sales of your product. It's true, you may now have to share 50% of the income with your affiliates, but you have still made a lot more money than if you had gone it alone.

So if you are selling a product that you own. You really need to sell it by using an affiliate program. How do you set up an affiliate program? Well you could buy software to run an affiliate program. This is what I have done personally. I use a program called Jam from and have found this easy-to-use and very powerful.

The other that I use is ClickBank. In using ClickBank, you do not have to install a script on your server. And it is preferred by most affiliates. They like it because they are assured of being paid. ClickBank's affiliate program is free to join. To be a seller on ClickBank is very cheap.

There are real advantages to using ClickBank. Your affiliates love it because they know they're going to get paid because ClickBank handles all of that. And you will love it as well, because you won't have to worry about paying the affiliates. These problems are handled by ClickBank. So the payments you get from ClickBank are yours and yours alone. Using ClickBank is probably the easiest and best option for both yourself and your affiliates.

The option of running your own affiliate program or running with ClickBank both viable and good options. It's obvious, that to really be successful online. You must use affiliates and an affiliate program. The easiest way to go, is to use ClickBank as all the administration problems are handled by them. So even though they take a small commission, it is well worth it.

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