Aerobic Fitness - It all Starts From the Heart

By: Gen Wright

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle requires discipline, commitment and dedication. When you live an active life and exercise regularly, it is hard for you to gain weight. It is important to keep your body weight at acceptable levels because an over weight body can cause severe health problems.

For example, some people suffer from strokes because certain arteries in their bodies are blocked by excess cholesterol. The body won't be able to function normally when it is burdened by excess fats. In addition, people who are overweight also find themselves having low esteem, and living a lower quality of life.

Excess weight also seep into other areas of an individual's life. Besides health implications, someone who is overweight is also likely to face discrimination at work, and has a less active social life.

Fortunately, a whole life can be turned around just by adopting a more active lifestyle - exercise regularly!

For many overweight people, getting started is perhaps the hardest part. But Rome is not built in one day. Everything has to start from somewhere. And when it comes to exercise, the best place to start is to let the heart workout.

The heart is the muscle that pumps blood and oxygen throughout our body. Everything starts from the heart. If the heart stops working, the body stops working as well. No blood and oxygen means no energy. The way to let the heart get its exercise is to engage in aerobic activities.

Aerobic activities include movements of the body, arms and legs. The idea is to keep the body moving so that the heart has to work to get blood and oxygen flowing through the body. The higher the intensity of the workout, the harder the heart has to work. This sounds like hard work but a strong and healthy heart has many benefits.

First of all, a strong and healthy heart allows the individual to build up other parts of the body. In a way, the heart is like the engine in a car. There is little point having a big car that looks powerful on the outside, but has a small and weak engine on the inside. The car just won't perform!

With a strong heart, an individual can eventually move on to other challenging exercises such as cycling, weight lifting and so on.

Now you understand why aerobic fitness is so important. Anyone can start exercising by performing simple yet effective aerobic exercises. There is little strain on other parts of the body, and the heart is allowed to grow and strengthen at a comfortable pace.

Even if an individual decides not to progress further with other form of exercises, aerobic exercise alone is enough to bring back the glow in the cheeks. Weight can be effectively managed and the overall quality of life will improve.

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