Advice for women considering breast implants-Sydney

By: Laith Barnouti

For women who are not satisfied with their current assets, breast implants and plastic surgery
are two options worth considering. Regardless of the size your breasts there are a variety of
procedures which can either decrease or increase your breast size. Plastic surgery has opened
up a range of new options for women would like to change the shape and size of their chest.
Before you make any decision, there are more than a few factors that you should consider if you
want to get the best results

For example what shape do you want your new breasts to be, teardrop or rounded? Do you the
surface to be textured or smooth? Do you want silicone or saline to be the prime filler? And
finally what size breast do you want?

It's useful if you have answers to all of the above questions before your first visit to a surgeon.
Your surgeon will discuss your options with you and explain what breast implants are actually
available. Do not be anxious if you have donít know exactly what you want, your surgeon will
be able to inform you about what shapes and sizes are available and which will best suit your

Before picking a plastic surgeon you may want to do your research and ensure that one
you end up choosing is reputable and knows what he is doing. Try asking your doctor for a
recommendation as they know which ones are reliable and which ones arenít. You want to be
comfortable with the person who will be operating on your body so when you meet your surgeon
for the first time make sure you ask plenty of questions and ask to see examples of his past work.
Many people often ask which filling is better saline or silicon. Saline has a few main safety
advantages over silicone. For example, the salt water mixture that makes up the saline filling
can simply be absorbed into the body if the implant happens to rupture. You will also
know immediately if it does rupture because the mixture will leak out immediately. Also, the
size of silicone implants can be regulated even after surgery allowing you to change your mind
about size.

The highly cohesive silicone breast implant appears to be much harder than their fluid
counterparts. They are often suggested for those who have slim bodies or for women whose chest
has had to be reconstructed following surgery. In the event of a rupture, a silicone shell will not
shrink immediately. In actual fact it can take years for the women to realize that the shell has

You will need to discuss with your plastic surgeon which options you are considering. He can
give you expert advice about what he thinks will work and what wonít. Remember your plastic
surgeon has done this procedure thousands of times so you can be sure that he knows what he is
doing. Always take his advice because at the end of the day he knows more about the procedure
than you do.

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