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Advertisements are mainly the television and other audio-visual commercials, articles, printed ads etc. that are used to feature products and services in the market. While smaller organizations look after the promotional campaigns on their own, larger organizations are found to seek assistance form a third party i.e. an advertisement or a PR agency in Nepal.

While advertisement has it upside there are negative aspects that shouldnt be undermined. This is where the regulations and acts play its role as a controlling agent. The advertisement industry in Nepal does lack a specific regulating act that solely is dedicated in the supervision of this industry. Advertising policy although unavailable in Nepal, it is backed up by other laws related to mass media, consumer act, copyright act, defamation and libel, contract act etc. that are regulatory acts which helps in control and supervision. Advertisement although is a common right and easily applicable one, there are many issues to be considered before commencing a promotion. Factors like ethics, viewers discretion, copyright, invasion of privacy and many more are some of the issues that if violated or mistreated, creates a negative impact on individuals, society and the organization itself. The advertisement regulation plays a vital part in dismissing and controlling the negative aspects of the advertisement.

Advertisement has a chain effect in the society and the economy due to which the sensitivity in such matter is magnified. The increasing establishments of advertisement agency in Nepal with no proper supervision may cause serious issues in the future in the lack of proper regulations. For businesses, promotion and brand development is the top priority with little or no concern regarding the impact on the viewers.

The title of top advertising agency in Nepal should not be given away simply on the basis of the number of successful business campaigns. It is equally imperative that agencies are guided by ethics, social norms and sentiments and the policies set by the government. Agencies must be discouraged from over exaggeration and false advertisement. Although the history of advertisement in Nepal is not that long and the state of advertisement is in infancy, more positive than negative has been witnessed and the development in the technical and legal aspect of the advertisements in Nepal shows progression rather than despair.

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