Adversity - What's It?

By: Denise Biance

What's adversity? The dictionary defines it as a great affliction or hardship; a misfortune. Everyone experiences a kind of loss, set-back or adversity at some purpose in their lives. It sometimes strikes while not notice and can hit anywhere.
a relationship
a career
a loved one
your health
your job
your monetary status
your business
Everybody's adversity is distinctive as a result of it's seen from your own eyes. What may be a catastrophe for you'll be only a bump within the road for someone else. As an example, circumstances could force you to move across the country. That might be fine for the one that loves to travel, but a disaster for the one who's lived in that same city their whole life. For one it's an journey, for the opposite it's an adversity. Or you've reached the age where your company thinks you ought to retire however your job is all you're keen on to do. Some see retirement as a joy, for others it's a punishment. You see, what's necessary isn't the particular circumstance so much as the approach it's perceived: Your state of mind. Your mind set determines how you perceive your adversity.
The adversity may be a selection point-you've got the selection to determine it as an excuse or reason to grant up or whine or bemoan your circumstances; or a God-given tool for use to enhance or change. Christians have the advantage here to work out things from God's perspective.
On behalf of me, my adversity is in my health. When multiple sclerosis first hit me, I felt like I had slammed head 1st into a brick wall. I used to be stunned. At first I went through the everyday stages of loss. You are in all probability familiar with Kubler-Ross' stages: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance. She points out that we undergo these stages for any real loss, whether it's the loss of a pet or a job or for me the ability to walk.
My denial at initial was that I simply could not believe it-things like this did not happen to me! And the anger-I was really mad that some unknown disease might really invade my body and take over. I did not do any bargaining at this point, but the depression was actually there. It moved in as I contemplated the hopelessness of it all. It extremely seemed my life was over.
However this was all before I was able to see things from God's perspective. Once 10 years of a beautiful marriage, two lovely daughters and finishing the work for my PhD, I would nearly forgotten God. After all, I doubted He even existed. But thank God He never forgot me. By His grace alone in the future, He showed me clearly who Jesus Christ is; I gave my life to Him utterly and was instantly transformed. Seeing everything from God's perspective, I was now not a helpless victim but a mighty warrior in His strength. He is never taken the disease completely away, but He is been walking through it with me each step of the way.
I've been in a position to use my adversity as a God-given tool to maximize my life. I'd never have chosen this tool, but I'm terribly glad to possess had a selection concerning how to work out it.

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