Advantages of Using Thin Clients instead of regular PCs

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Thin clients or lean clients, as others would call them are smaller versions of regular PCs in which only the essential applications and parts are used. Thin clients are just like your regular PC but you won’t find a CD-Rom player and expansion slots and is a centrally managed and low cost version plus it’s also very small compared to the regular sized computer.

Even if they cannot provide all the services given by a regular PC, most people choose to purchase a thin client because compared to other PCs in the market they cost less, they are less vulnerable to malware and virus attacks, use up less electricity, are smaller and most of all there cheaper to purchase.

Quite a few commercial establishments and even home users have started to migrate from using the regular PC and have shifted to using thin clients. Here are some of the reasons why the latter is the better choice.

Lower Costs

Purchasing thin clients for windows or a Linux thin client is much cheaper than purchasing a desktop computer using the regular PC. Aside from the initial cost, there are a lot of factors that make the thin client the cheaper option. Thin clients are generally cheaper to repair; the parts and equipment that need to be replaced are also much cheaper as compared to regular computers.

Thin clients are cheaper to maintain and you can get a lot of savings if you choose to purchase this instead.

Guaranteed that your data is safe and secure

The security level of your data on thin clients is also much higher as compared to a laptop or a regular desktop computer. Linux thin client (Client Léger Linux ) and Citrix thin clients are not so attractive to the eyes of a thief as compared to a laptop, a tablet, or even a desktop computer. There is a very low percentage that your thin client will get lost or stolen simply because there are still a lot of people who have no idea what a thin client is.

Everything in a regular computer is shrunk and lessened to a more manageable level. They are made from low cost hard ware which is why thieves don’t think that this item has much to offer, and if it is valuable enough to be sold.

Management and Support becomes easier

The thin client is a very simple tool used similarly to a computer, without some of the usual PC parts. The simpler it is, the easier it is to understand which is why operating and managing the thin client is so much easier. Another great thing about the thin client is that it has a lock feature that restricts other people from accessing the device.

The thin client is one of the most impressive gadgets especially if you’re someone who works with transactions done all over the world. The thin client is part of an even bigger bank family and can provide computing services and in an instant.

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