Advantages and disadvantages of the Stem cell Therapy

By: Rishabh Mehta

Stem Cells are Cells in the Human Body that has the ability to divide and multiply itself indistinctly to give rise to new cells that replace injured cells of the body. With the help of Stem cells various chronic diseases are cured as it repairs the affected area of the human body by replacing the very root of the disease i.e. the damaged cells.

Researches on Stem Cells aim to accomplish the possibility of treating any critical disease by simply reproducing the new healthy Cells in a Laboratory and transplant them in the human body to cure the very root of the disease.

This new filed of genetic engineering has made possible treatments of a wide range of human diseases such as mental disorders, Cancer, Heart diseases, failure of the central nervous system, diabetes etc…

The Advantages of the stem cell Therapy are as follows:

1. Stem cells provide scope to study Normal Development of cells in the human Body that further facilitates in prevention of abnormal human development.

2. Extracting bone marrow from the adult Stem cell is cost effective in comparison to conventional treatment.

3. There are less chances of rejection when the stem cells are used from one own body.

4. Stem cells have the potential to save million of lives and raise hope to live a healthier and longer life.

5. The potential treatments by stem cell transplant as perceived by the researchers cover almost the complete human body such as the Brain and Spinal Cord diseases, Muscle and cardiac related ailments, Cancer and blood related disease, disorders related to the nervous system, dementia, kidney, diabetes etc.

6. Cure for blindness, Loss of hair, anti-aging, missing teeth is also predicted through the stem cell technology.

7. The Stem cells taken from the umbilical cord has its huge advantages. The Stem cells are stored in the cell banks more like insurance for future of the newborn baby. These stem cells can also come in use for treating the father and mother of the child, this is because they have common blood type therefore the probability of rejection is less.

Disadvantages of Stem cell therapy:

1. Destroying the human embryo is perceived as killing a human life by many.

2. Researchers are yet to prove that a destroyed embryo can help give a new life to a dying person.

3. There is an argument that when stem Cells can be extracted out adult Stem cells or the umbilical cord then why destroy an embryo.

4. Another argument against stem cells is that consequences of cloning through stem cells could have perilous repercussions.

5. This method of research is exorbitant.

6. Also it is concluded that adult Stem cells are more effective in curing the patient that embryonic stem cells, and that destroying embryonic cells is taken as unethical in the field of medical science.

7. There have been instances where the study off the stem cells on animals has been ineffective.

8. Since the source of obtaining stem cell is also the human embryo it has lead to illegal methods to acquire the Stem cells and has given rise to the Black market of buying and selling of human organs.

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