Advantages Of Web Based ERP Software System

By: Payton Polkinghorne

Enterprise Resource Planning provides the unified common framework for organizations that combine and automate different departments to elevate total efficiency in achieving the ultimate goal of the organization. The web based ERP needs only the web-browsers along with a PDF reader to begin using it.

Some of the advantages of web based ERP software system are mentioned as follows:

No implementation

The very interesting and one of the most advantageous factors of the Web Based ERP Software System is that it does not need to be installed unlike the ERP software. There is no need for any software to be installed or any extra hardware to be purchased. You only need an internet connection and the web-browser and pdf reader to handle it.

Remote access

One of the most important features of the web based ERP software system is that it can be accessed remotely from the organization. You need the internet connection and the web-browser and can access the data practically from any part of the world. It can be remotely available with or without password. So it facilitates fast communication among the organization.

Boon for Sales person

As the web based ERP software system is available remotely, it has proved a boon to the sales person. With this they can update the organization immediately and needful decisions can be taken accordingly. This fast communication keeps the organization at a leading position in the present day cutthroat competitive world.

Boon for managers

The web based ERP software system is also a boon for managers. It provides them better insight into the latest happenings and helps them in taking decisions on updated data even from a remote place.

Quick communication

As it can be accessed remotely, it facilitates the quick communication. This advantage of quick communication of latest updated data available among the different departments of the organization can make a big difference in the fast pace ever changing world. The fast response time helps in building a more satisfied happy customer database. This works towards achieving the goal of the organization.

Low cost

As there is no need of any software being implemented, the cost incurred for it will be very less. This makes web based ERP software system, a natural choice for small companies that desire the advantages of enterprise resource planning software but finds too costly to afford it.

No maintenance

Since it is web based and does not require any software to be implemented and extra hardware, so there is no maintenance required. This again saves the company’s money.

No Training

Another benefit is that unlike the ERP software there is not much training required for the employees to use it. This saves money and time of the company.

From the above mentioned advantages, it becomes very clear that web based ERP software system is suitable and convenient for small and medium companies and has proved a boon for them. The advantages of enterprise resource planning software are met with no software being implemented and at a very low cost.

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