Advantages Of In Home Physical Therapy

By: Gen Wright

A physical therapist can practice their craft in various setting depending on the needs and case of the patient. A good and experienced physical therapist can adapt to any kind of situation or setting. Physical therapy can be done in different places like hospitals, clinics, schools private outpatient clinics, private homes and nursing homes. There is also an in home care physical therapy that is common to patients who are homebound or unable to travel to other places. There is a latest trend in physical therapy and this is bringing the clinic to the patient's home.

There are different methods used for this kind of service. Some physical therapist use mobile clinic with the help of RV. This RV is equipped with all the equipment needed for the procedure like tables and chairs, exercise equipment and other modalities that you can find in an outpatient clinic. The second method that is being used by physical therapist is a portable treatment table and other equipment that is handy. Benefits of physical therapy in treating patients inside their own home include:

1. There is an improved compliance because the patient will not be able to miss any treatment or procedure.

2. The therapist can evaluate and asses the condition of the patient in their real environment.

3. Patients who opt for a home therapy do not need to travel to the clinic by riding public transportation that can make their case worst.

4. There is privacy for the patient and for the family.

5. It can also eliminate other disruption such as phone calls from other patients or clients.

6. The patient can improve faster and better because they are comfortable in their own home.

7. Home physical therapy can promote proven effective sessions that can reduce possibility of other injuries.

8. If a patient went through a surgery, having the therapist come to the house of the patient can eliminate the risk of complications.

Is in-home physical therapy for everybody? Actually, a patient should ask several questions right before they decide to choose an in-house physical therapy. Are you comfortable having a stranger inside your home? If the answer to this question is yes, then you might be ready to welcome a physical therapist inside your home. Actually, your physical therapist is not a stranger to you because they are there to help you get better again. All physical therapist has the ability to make their patients at ease and comfortable with them.

Once you have decided to go for an in-house physical therapy, you need to designate a particular part inside your home where the therapy will happen. The place should be free from any obstacle and disruption. You need to meet the physical therapy first inside your home to know the kind of environment they need to go in with the process as smoothly as possible.

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